I’m up to my eyeballs in all sorts of random business this week, therefore I’m going to share a few links and tidbits quickly today, and that’ll be it for this blog until early next week. Here goes:

That’s all I got. Now I’m gonna take care of some biz-nass and I’ll see you kids next week.


We’ve all heard various rumors about the iPhone breaking out of its AT&T chains and coming to other wireless carriers. As a current Android user I could almost care-less about this prospect, but I will always have a soft spot for Apple products. There’s no doubt that the iPhone is an amazing piece of work. Everyone thought that Steve Jobs would announce that the iPhone would be coming to at least T-Mobile (which, like AT&T, uses the GSM standard for its wireless network), if not Sprint and/or Verizon as well. I doubted it would come to Sprint and/or Verizon this soon because those networks use the CDMA standard rather than GSM, which would require a complete re-working of the iPhone’s innards, whereas releasing the iPhone to T-Mobile would not. As well all know, no such announcement was made. All hope is not lost, however, as this Gizmodo article and this TechCrunch article both report on an order Apple recently placed with Qualcomm, which is the world’s leader in CDMA chipsets. The numbers all work out and point to a CDMA iPhone hitting the market sometime around December or January. The TechCrunch guy seems convinced that it’ll be on Verizon, but it could just as easily be only on Sprint. (Though Apple would be stupid to avoid Verizon like that…) I can’t fathom any other reason for Apple to purchase several million CDMA chipsets other than to build a CDMA iPhone, so I’m pretty convinced that sometime in the next year we’ll see a CDMA iPhone. As to whether its on Verizon, Sprint, or both… your guess is as good as mine.

The most reliable yearly meteor shower of all, the Perseids, will peak this week on the nights of Aug. 11th and 12th. They’re the “slow and steady winner” of meteor showers- that is, they don’t usually have insanely high meteors-per-hour rates, but they always show up every year without fail, and put on fairly good show for skywatchers. This year works out well for viewing because the peak coincides with a new moon. This is great because the light pollution caused by a full or even half moon drastically reduces the amount of meteors you’ll see. If either of these nights are cloudless in your location, and you can get a good distance away from city lights, you’re going to see a pretty good show of shooting stars. Last year Megan and I were on a vacation to Yellowstone, and thus we had a no problem with city lights, but unfortunately the full moon made it difficult to see many Perseids. We did manage to see a few though, despite the moon. The only problem is this year we’re not on vacation and I have a job to go to both of those mornings. If you can manage it, though, you should go out late on the 11th or 12th, look to the northeast, and treat yourself to a spectacle. (Via

You’ve probably heard the Ben Franklin quote, “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Sadly, I did a little research today and found out that quote is actually not accurate. It’s a derivation of a quote from a letter Franklin wrote to Andre Morellet in 1779. The real quote is:

Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.

As a beer lover, it was kind of saddening to learn this, but oh well. (Via this article)

Now for some shows to catch this weekend.

Before we get to the individual days, I’ll mention that Little Hamilton is throwing YES FEST all weekend. There’s a shit ton of bands, and you can also get special weekend passes. There’s too much for me to mention here, so if you want to know more about YES FEST, check out Nashville’s Dead.


The Protomen, Makeup & Vanity Set, and Magic Hammer @ 12th & Porter. 9pm

Andrew Combs CD release show with Caitlin Rose, Rayland Baxter, and Giving Tree @ The Basement. 9pm


Unknown Hinson @ Exit/In. 9pm

Powerload (AC/DC tribute) w/ Magnet School, Alcohol Stuntband, and Dirtbot @ FooBar. 9pm

Black 13 Tattoo parlor’s 2-year bday party w/ Autovaughn, Hillbilly Casino, Madi Diaz, and Plumb.

Megan and I will also be at the Arcade Fire show at the Ryman on Monday. (I’m taking pics for the Scene.)

Have a great weekend!

My bandmate and friend Seth Graves has entered the 48 Hour Film Project for several years in a row. This year was no different, but unfortunately he was unable to get it in before the 48 hour deadline. He did turn it in though, and it will still be screened and is eligible for the crowd popularity vote. It just can’t win the festival officially. Behold THE CRUCICHIX:

The above image was taken just as our Sun belched a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) in our direction on sunday night. This blob of charged particles are already beginning to interact with the earth’s magentosphere, and will likely result in some spectacular aurorae for the northern latitudes as the brunt of it arrives tonight and tomorrow morning. This is the first large scale activity the Sun has seen in several years, as it has been at the low-point of its 11-year cycle of sunspot activity. Events like this will slowly become more common over the next 3 or 4 years as the sun reaches its next peak in activity around 2012-2013. This is NOT any kind of major disaster, though it may cause a few glitches with satellites, as any CME event is prone to do. Unfortunately TN is way too far south to see any of the auroral activity, but if you’re in the northern US you might be able to see it. It is possible for aurorae to be seen this far south, but it’s very rare and requires a very powerful solar storm, such as the one from April 2001 (the last solar maximum) which made aurorae visible as far south as Texas. Such an event is possible as we head toward this next solar maximum, but I wouldn’t count on it. This upcoming maximum is expected to be about half as intense as the last one. (Via and Universe Today.

Here’s a video of the current CME when it first erupted sunday night.

I’m swamped by a large project at work and dealing with a burglary of our house which occurred friday, so this will be short and sweet:

Nashville’s And The Relatives are gearing up for the release of their full-length debut album Green Machinery. I’ve known these dudes and been a fan for a good 2 years or more, and in that time they’ve really developed their own sound. You can stream the unmastered track “Hammer Down” at Future Sounds. You can also download 3 free tracks, 2 of which feature ATR Theory 8 labelmate Caitlin Rose on guest vocals, at their bandcamp. Needless to say, after hear “Hammer Down,” I’m eager to hear the rest of this album. I have a feeling it’s going to be my favorite material by them yet. Yes, they’re “good old indie rock” as FS describes, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t some of the best “good old indie rock” I’ve heard in quite a while.

Also, I would just like to comment that Arcade Fire and their management are pretty clever to offer the new album The Suburbs for sale on the very first day of its release. You can get it for a mere $3.99. That’s one hella good way to score higher album sales in week 1, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they end up charting in the top 5.