That is video of the final separation of NASA’s new Mars Science Laboratory rover (named Curiosity), sending it on its way to Mars. The probe launched successfully this past Saturday atop an Atlas V rocket, and will reach Mars in August of 2012. If you follow this blog you’ll know that I’ve mentioned this probe excitedly before- that’s because this is the biggest, boldest of all the robotic rovers we’ve sent to Mars. It’s about the size of a small SUV and it will be looking for evidence of conditions that may have been conducive to the development of microbial life, past and present. Important distinction: the probe is NOT searching for life itself, just for evidence that the planet may have been habitable in the past or maybe even the present. August 2012 will be a tense month for NASA and all following this probe’s progess, because the final landing stages are immensely tedious and complex. (See the landing animation below.) For now though, we just sit and wait as the probe zips through space and the engineers make the final adjustments to its trajectory. For some more expert commentary on this mission, check out Bad Astronomy or Universe Today.

Since I probably won’t be posting again until this Friday’s “A Few Good Shows” post, here are a couple more videos full utter badassery:

“Jetman” Yves Rossy flies alongside fighter jets on his jetpack. It doesn’t get much cooler than that…

Nothing like some shirtless 9-year-olds totally nailing “Crazy Train”


Before I remove myself from the interwebs for a few days to be with the fam, I thought I’d debunk one of the most pervasive turkey myths out there: that turkey contains more tryptophan than other foods and that it makes you sleepy. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Turkey contains about the same amount of tryptophan as other meats and some veggies. What makes you feel sleepy after a big holiday meal is what makes you sleepy anytime you eat way too much- food coma. There are some slightly differing opinions out there as to what causes the proverbial food coma, but it is not the tryptophan in turkey that directly causes sleepiness after holiday meals. It is simply the fact that you probably ate way too much in one sitting, and probably had some wine to go along with it. For more info see this article from Snopes, this article from NPR, and this article from Live Science.

I’ll leave you with this bit of complete and total absurdity from an Indian gameshow. That should hold you over till next week when I eventually resume posting. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Before we get to the show listings, I have a show of my own to plug: I’m turning 30 this Sunday the 20th, and to celebrate I put together the 3rd-ever “Nashville Under the Covers” show at Mercy Lounge. That is, Nashville bands covering other Nashville bands. AND, it’s all to benefit YEAH‘s TN summer youth music camps- SGRRC and TNTRC. It’s gonna be a blast, and the lineup is fun (though Matt Friction did have to drop off the bill at the last minute), and the minimum donation is only $5! For more, read the generous blog post the Nashville Cream gave me yesterday. That’s this Sunday Nov. 20th, 9pm at Mercy Lounge, 18+, $5 minimum donation. (Hot tip: past YEAH volunteers will get in FREE with their volunteer tshirts!)

Now for the rundown:


Lucero (night 1 of 2) w/ Glossary @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $20

Hanzelle, The Greater Good, Casa Castille @ The 5 Spot. 9pm $5

Hull, Tijuana Goat Ride, Laser Flames, The Ascent of Everest @ The End. 9pm $7


Wanda Jackson w/ The Black Belles @ Marathon Music Works. 7pm $15

Lucero (night 2 of 2) w/ Austin Lucas @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $20

Bad Cop, Ranch Ghost, Denny & The Jets, Majestico @ The End. 9pm $5

Manchester Orchestra, White Denim, The Dear Hunters @ Cannery Ballroom. 8pm $17


SEE ABOVE. And come celebrate me getting old!

Have a great weekend!

My man Justin Katerberg has been steadily growing his Vitalic Noise Agency the past couple of years, but it seems that few people really know what Vitalic Noise does, beyond the blog. Well I’ll just tell you what came straight from the horse’s mouth:

Realizing that the majority of people still to this day have no idea what Vitalic Noise does, we couldn’t think of any other way to properly showcase the artists that we are working with than to set up a DJ rig and pushed record on a short tracklist of both artists signed to Vitalic Noise and a few other acts that we hold close to our heart. Did it work? I guess that part is up to you – love it or hate it, we would be ever so thankful if you were to share it with your friends.

Currently we represent, as either management or booking agents:

Fare Soldi
Justin Faust
Edwin Van Cleef
Moonlight Matters
Geisha Twins
FM Attack

So there you have it. Quite an impressive and ever-growing roster. Check out the mixtape on soundcloud:

Monday videos: cats and space

November 14, 2011

Few words today, simply two videos to entertain you for different reasons.

HD timelapse footage of earth from the International Space Station. This has been making the rounds on the interwebs already, so you’ve probably seen it, but it’s just too good not to post. The city lights combined with the aurorae make this simply jaw-dropping/drool-inducing. Be sure to set HD to “on” and make it fullscreen!


And now let us take a quick look into the exciting new world of “catvertising”…

(Via yewknee’d)

A Few Good Shows: 11/11/11

November 11, 2011

This weekend is a little weak in the show department, but there’s still some good stuff to be seen around Nashville. Let’s get straight to the point:


The Black Belles album release w/ The Black Faces @ Third Man Records (Sold Out) 8pm.

Spidervirus reunion, w/ Riff Raff (AC/DC Tribute), Rock City Birdhouse, and Flesh Vehicle @ The 5 Spot. 9pm $5

Those Darlins @ Gilligan’s (in Murfreesboro). 9pm $10


Nashville Premier of Girls Night Out, a film by Meredith Kotas and Chris Davis. 4pm-8pm @ the 5 Spot, accompanied by performances by Birdcloud, Rall Tide, and very special top secret guest. $5 (proceeds benefit Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp)

Har Mar Superstar, Fake Brad, Five Knives @ 12th & Porter. 9pm $10


Melt Banana, Diarrhea Planet, Look What I Did @ The End. 9pm $12. *BRING EARPLUGS YALL*

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: Tristen made her goal not long after I posted this, but you should still buy the 7″ when it comes out!
You’ve probably already seen this in a few other places, but it’s a cool thing that deserves repeating:

Nashville’s budding startlet Tristen loves Christmas, so she recorded her own version of 3 of her favorite Christmas songs and needs your help to put it out on vinyl. As awesome as vinyl is, it’s really damned expensive to produce, so many lesser-know bands/artists have a hard time coming up with the dough for the up-front costs. So Tristen has started a Kickstarter campaign, and is asking for your help in making this Christmas 7″ a reality. Check it out, and help her out. She’s a rad gal and is one of the best local acts in the game right now, so let’s make this thing happen, eh? Watch the video below and click here to donate.