Oh XKCD… I love you. You have some of the best comics ever. Please click to make the image larger. Then laugh. Very loudly.

Don’t be deceived by the unusually cold winter we’ve had in the lower 48. As Live Science reports, the arctic is still quite warmer than normal, and the problem with the sea ice melting is not getting any better. In fact, they still expect the entire arctic to become ice-free during the late summer months in a decade or two. Global warming is real! Don’t be fooled by one cooler-than-average year! If you don’t think global warming is occurring, and that it’s mostly caused by humans, then you have no grasp on reality and need to have your head examined.

Some interesting links:

A Daguerreotype was recently discovered to be the earliest known image of Abraham Lincoln. He went through a lot of emotional trauma early in his life, which is why his appearance changed so much. The website includes a thorough forensic examination of the image, proving that it is in fact Honest Abe. Via

A completely healthy baby was born in California with six fingers and six toes on each hand/foot. The extra digits are fully functional and complete. Imagine if this kid becomes a musician! He could take finger picking to a whole new level!

Rumors are floating around about a new line of Olympus digital SLR cameras. It would be a whole new breed of SLRs. This thing is sexy.

Find me tonight taking pics at the Features/Jeff the Brotherhood/Jack show at Mercy Lounge. I’m anxious to see who Jack is… Also on saturday, there’s a huge house show at a place called the Zombie Mansion featuring The Privates, Cage the Elephant (WTF?!?!?), Ethan Swim and several others. It’s at 7023 Charlotte Pike.

Have a great weekend!


So there it is. Enjoy it. The look on his face right after it is priceless. Overall, though, he rocked the house like only he could. In my opinion, one of the better superbowl halftime shows in recent history. GIF image via You Ain’t No Picasso.

The RIAA and Universal Music Group are at it again, claiming that if you’re a music reviewer and you haven’t kept track of every single promo CD you’ve ever recieved, then you’re a pirate. They won’t win the court battle, because if they do then, technically any book publisher could stick a label on their books saying “not for library lending.” When are these assholes gonna learn?

In case you haven’t heard, Flight of the Conchords are playing at the Ryman April 10th.

A new Spoon track has surfaced on Stereogum… and I have to admit it’s kinda strange. Now, I’m far from being a Spoon fanatic, so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the first Spoon track to involve an electronic beat. Their new album hits shelves Feb. 17th.

Old 1940’s photographs superimposed on new ones taken in exactly the same location in Russia. The text is all in Russian, but you needn’t read it. The images say it all.

Speaking of Russia, apparently they want to build their own space station. I also had no idea that the current Internation Space Station was scheduled to retire in 2015. It just seems to me that too much money has been spent on the ISS to retire it only 5-6 years after its completion.

Finally, I want to say a few things about science and religion. While I consider myself a person of faith, I don’t follow any one organized religion specifically, and I don’t beleive that we should ever look to religious texts to explain our environment and how it works. The only reliable method of explaining our environment (and by environment I mean everything from our planet to the entire universe) is SCIENCE. My favorite writer from the Daily Galaxy, Luke McKinney, posted a very well worded blurb about evolutionary theory and its unknowns. Let me say this- science and religion are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but they are completely different methods of thought. Science has even supported some of the stories in the Bible, but as Mr. McKinney so eloquently says, “Religious texts can be incredibly positive works, prescribing social support and good rules for a good life if used properly, but declaring one to be a definite depiction of reality is like calling Chicken Soup for the Soul a quantum mechanics textbook.”

Sometimes XKCD just really hit’s the spot.

The New York Times has posted it’s Year in Pictures gallery. There’s some great work in there. I suggest you take the time to sit down and go through it.

There has apparently been a swarm of larger-than-usual earthquakes in Yellowstone recently. Ok, so let me explain a few things before you go read the article- earthquakes happen in Yellowstone ALL THE TIME. As the article says- 1,000 to 2,000 every year, but the vast majority of them can’t even be felt by humans because they’re all only in the range of magnitude 1-3ish. Generally an earthquake has to be at least a 4 before people can feel it, or it causes any damage. But this recent group of temblors have been a little more intense than normal. If you’ve ever watched the History channel, you’ve probably seen one of those programs about natural disasters that mentions how Yellowstone is actually a gigantic caldera from an ancient supervolcano. When supervolcanoes erupt, it’s not even on the same scale as a normal volcano… we’re talking enough ash spewed into the atmosphere to cause sudden worldwide climate change (possibly enough to cause some extinctions), and (in the case of Yellowstone) a blanket up to 3 feet thick of ash covering most of the US. What’s scary about this fact is that its last eruption was about 620,000 years ago… “so what?” you say. Well, scientists also estimate that prior to that last eruption, it erupted with a frequency of about every 600,000 years….. *gulp*….. Don’t freak out just yet, though. Fortunately, geologists also point out that there’s nothing to indicate an imminent eruption, though it will eventually erupt again, without a doubt. But, they really don’t know what this latest increase in earthquake activity could mean, if anything, quite honestly I’d say it does NOT point to an imminent eruption. I also learned something from the article I hadn’t a clue about- the Teton range is actually sinking ever so slightly.

This is really creepy… and sad. A videotape that showed the final moments of the Space Shuttle Columbia astronauts’ lives managed to survive the breakup of the spacecraft. You can hear them talking about the glowing hot plasma-temperatue gases outside their windows, the very hot gases that seeped in through the hole in the left wing and caused it rip apart. The video is not embed-able, so just follow the link below.


December 18, 2008

Disclaimer: I’m in NYC till sunday. I seriously doubt I will post again until after I get back to Nashville. Sorry.

I have to say that despite the horrific mess of driving through Knoxville yesterday, this year’s Thanksgiving break was a good one. Megan and I went back to east TN to visit my parents, and even got to go skiing wed. night after rushing to get there early enough. The snow was in good shape (for the southern Appalachians, at least) and we had a blast. Don’t get me wrong, skiing in NC or any where in the Appalachians doesn’t hold a candle to skiing in CO or anywhere in the rockies, but it’s better than nothing.

Today’s links:

Sharon Van Etten on RCRD LBL blog. I remember being served Red Stripe by her at the Red Rose in Murfreesboro years ago. She played at the Basement a few months ago and it took me a while to realize from where I recognized her. It’s awesome to see her getting some recogition in the blogosphere.

Weezer will be releasing an album of old recordings that “for some reason didn’t make the final cut” for their other albums. Very exciting. They can’t seem to put out anything new that’s worth more than a few listens on the way home from the record store, so the random old gems are gonna be the only way they can please the die-hard old school Weezer fans such as myself. Via

On the heels of the release of the second volume of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s home recordings, the group is now taking a look back into its own vaults. Cuomo tells Billboard the tentatively titled “Odds and Ends” will feature “great songs” which “for some reason didn’t make the final cut” for an album.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour touched down at Edwards Air Force Base in California yesterday after thunderstorms and crosswinds at Kennedy Space Center caused NASA to use its backup landing plan.

This may be old news by now, but the fragments of the meteor that streaked across the Canadian skies last week have finally be located. Apparently it was a pretty big one weighing a few tons. Image via Universe Today.

University of Calgary graduate student Ellen Milley poses with a fragment of a meteorite in a small pond. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Geoff Howe

University of Calgary graduate student Ellen Milley poses with a fragment of a meteorite in a small pond. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Geoff Howe

An environmental activist is planning to sue world leaders for global warming via a class action lawsuit for $1 billion.


Yes We Can.

November 5, 2008

I’m glad America finally decided to get its head out of its ass.

Unfortunately, something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Sarah Palin.

I like music and science

October 30, 2008

That is why this blog is coming into existence. I will try to make it fun and interesting so that you will want to come back on a regular basis. My main love in life is music. You will find various interesting things from the world of music (mostly indie rock and stuff related to the Nashville local music scene), a few mp3’s here and there, tidbits from the photography/art/design world, and random news from the world of modern science, especially space exploration. You will also find me debunking a few myths here and there, along the vein of the show Mythbusters. I’m somewhat of a skeptic, and am obsessed with getting to the core truth of any mystery or problem, which is the main reason for my passion with science. Please bear with me as I venture into the world of actually being a blogger, not just a blog reader. This site will get design upgrades soon hopefully, and eventually I hope to reach a lot of people with it. Stay tuned.

A few things of interest I’ve come across recently in the lovely interwebs:

If you haven’t seen the amazing literal version of the music video for “Take On Me” by A-ha, then you must be living under a rock. The guys who brought you that have done it again, and it’s honestly almost better than the first one.

Behold- “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears: The literal version