Merge Records- 20 years old!

January 9, 2009

From the department of AWESOME, Merge Records will be having a 20th anniversary festival in their hometown of Chapel Hill, NC this summer. I can’t wait to see the lineup! I’m really hoping that Spoon, M. Ward, Arcade Fire, and Camera Obscura are all involved. That would be well worth making the trip. Save the date- July 22nd through 26th. Also, for $199, you can subscribe to SCORE!, an exclusive series of releases, featuring content hand-picked by the curators of Merge’s back-catalog. Just go read about it, too much to explain here…

SXSW has announced the initial lineup for it’s 2009 festival, being held March 18-22nd in Austin, TX. I’m going to try to weasel my way into going this year.

Some Nashville songwriters/musicians decided that the Titans needed a fight song going into their big playoff game this saturday against the Baltimore Ravens. Apparently they finished it at about 4am this morning. Check out the story and hear a clip of it on the Tennessean’s website. Link via Nashvillest.

For you daily dose of WTF from the science world, check out this Universe Today article about entrepreneur Eric Knight’s ideas about what NASA should do with the Space Shuttles after they’re retired next year. He wants to use them to go to Mars. Not one, but two of them at once. Keep in mind while reading this article that his ideas were meant to be simply a thought exercise, not a technically sound and feasible plan.

2 Responses to “Merge Records- 20 years old!”

  1. Andrew J. Says:

    Just so you know, I was unhappy with some stuff going on at the Scene (shrinking music section, shrinking pay, increasingly lurid and cheap, low-rent cover stories…), but my ill-advised exodus from the Scene had more to do with two things: I’m friends with the Volz family, and found the Scene’s depiction of Megan Volz deplorable given that they all but ignored Eric’s plight in Nicaragua–despite the fact that it was a NATIONAL news story. Also, my family (not me, necessarily) is close with the Clements and the Scene trashed Bob Clement and pimped Karl Dean (who’s from, like, Massachusetts or something?) And for that, I got crap from MY family. Anyway, long-story-shorter, I took in all that and, coupled with the fact that my “real” job was getting very busy, quit the Scene. Now, months later, my “real” job is barely even real, and I wish I hadn’t left–since then, I’ve felt pretty disconnected from the music scene, and I could probably use the peanuts they were paying me. I never realized how much I would miss those +1s — I go to about half as many shows now as I would like. Anyway, just wanted to explain–it wasn’t that I didn’t like it. Hell, I would do it for free about right now. Thanks for the shout-out, btw…

  2. Andrew J. Says:

    Sorry, posted the comment on the wrong post it seems. I’m not a computer-savvy gent like yourself.

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