Black Lips escape India/Annular eclipse photos

January 27, 2009

Credit: M.R. Taufik

Yesterday a relatively rare phenomenon occurred over parts of the Pacific Ocean, southeast Asia and Australia- an annular solar eclipse. Solar eclipses aren’t that common to begin with, but what makes it an annular solar eclipse is the fact that the moon’s occultation of the sun coincided with its furthest point from earth in its orbit. In other words, the moon’s orbit is elliptical, so it’s not always the same distance from earth. IF the point at which the moon is farthest from earth in said elliptical orbit happens to coincide with a solar eclipse, the moon’s disc doesn’t fully cover the sun, and it results in a ring of light showing around the black disc of the moon. Pretty cool, and definitely something I’d like to see before I die. For now though, we can just enjoy the photos linked to on the Universe Today post about it.

So I read the stories yesterday about everyone’s favorite Atlanta troublemakers Black Lips getting chased around India on their tour, but I decided to wait until the full story surfaced to post about it. Pitchfork is totally gay for them so I knew they’d post an update the very minute they heard anything. I was right. But the full story can be found on their label Vice’s blog. It’s an interview with the drummer… and it turns out they weren’t actually chased by the cops, and the only people really after them were their tour manager and his production company. Now they’re in Germany hanging out with King Khan, who I can’t wait to see with the Shrines at the Exit/In in March.

Speaking of rock n roll, thanks so much to everyone who came out to my 8 off 8th last night. Unfortunately my band Tigers Con Queso couldn’t play because Seth came down with a serious case of the flu earlier in the day, so it was a 7 off 8th, but it was awesome nonetheless, and people seemed to really enjoy it. Everything was on time and the last band didn’t end up getting screwed & having to play at 1am on a monday. The official door count was 157 people. I also wore this insane sweater that my mom got for my dad back in the 70’s, and apparently it’s the most amazing thing anyone has ever seen, because people were flipping out over it all night. Thanks mom! (You just have to see it to understand.)

The Nashville Cream reported yesterday that guitarist Denis Deck will be leaving How I Became the Bomb soon. The split was amicable, and Deck will continue to play with them until temporary replacement Russell Hanberry from Stories That Live can take over.

Turns out even babies know how to rock out. My mom always said she knew I’d be a drummer even before I was born because I apparently pounded the inner walls of her uterus incessantly.

6 Responses to “Black Lips escape India/Annular eclipse photos”

  1. Stef Says:

    haha black lips u little scamps, always getting into mischief, love them so much, and their new albums out soon eee –

  2. Henry Says:

    Yeah these guys are freakin nuts live, saw them last month…also saw on their myspace theres only a 48hour period for fan only purchases of tickets for the forthcoming 200 million thousand uk tour.
    Here the link to the tickets –

  3. mike Says:

    Finally found the videos that accompany this story, such great viewing lol!

  4. Jack Says:

    Haha yea brilliant videos on vbs, if we are swapping videos here then you might wanna check out their latest music video for their newest single ‘i’ll be with you’ utterly mad but at the same time utterly brilliant haha 🙂

  5. hannah Says:

    wow that music video is wonderful, lovely washed out colours, certainly different, coles my fav love the polaroids on their flickr profile 🙂 🙂

    Black Lips Secret Show @ The Boston Arms, London

    i will be over in the uk when they are playing, hopefully i’ll get to see them again on the tour 🙂

  6. Kris Says:

    They are still touring the u.s atm, think they only get to europe or uk or whatever in the middle of may, im seeing them in san fran!

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