“the bases” explained/weekend shenanigans

February 6, 2009

Oh XKCD… I love you. You have some of the best comics ever. Please click to make the image larger. Then laugh. Very loudly.

Don’t be deceived by the unusually cold winter we’ve had in the lower 48. As Live Science reports, the arctic is still quite warmer than normal, and the problem with the sea ice melting is not getting any better. In fact, they still expect the entire arctic to become ice-free during the late summer months in a decade or two. Global warming is real! Don’t be fooled by one cooler-than-average year! If you don’t think global warming is occurring, and that it’s mostly caused by humans, then you have no grasp on reality and need to have your head examined.

Some interesting links:

A Daguerreotype was recently discovered to be the earliest known image of Abraham Lincoln. He went through a lot of emotional trauma early in his life, which is why his appearance changed so much. The website includes a thorough forensic examination of the image, proving that it is in fact Honest Abe. Via Kottke.org.

A completely healthy baby was born in California with six fingers and six toes on each hand/foot. The extra digits are fully functional and complete. Imagine if this kid becomes a musician! He could take finger picking to a whole new level!

Rumors are floating around about a new line of Olympus digital SLR cameras. It would be a whole new breed of SLRs. This thing is sexy.

Find me tonight taking pics at the Features/Jeff the Brotherhood/Jack show at Mercy Lounge. I’m anxious to see who Jack is… Also on saturday, there’s a huge house show at a place called the Zombie Mansion featuring The Privates, Cage the Elephant (WTF?!?!?), Ethan Swim and several others. It’s at 7023 Charlotte Pike.

Have a great weekend!

One Response to ““the bases” explained/weekend shenanigans”

  1. casio Says:

    Jack is a murfreesboro band from way back in the day (Spongebath era or before). They were doing reunion shows when i was the equivalent of a freshman, so that puts them even before my time.

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