Obama addresses science/Michael Jackson stuff

February 17, 2009

Clusterflock had two great links this morning:
Michael Jackson is apparently having to sell a bunch of stuff from his ranch via auction to pay off some of his creditors. There are some strange things in there…

Ever wondered what TV news anchors do during the commercial breaks??? Look no further.

I was recently given the debut album from a brand new Nashville electronic act called AXWY (I think it’s pronounced ax-wee). The duo consists of Ryan Malina, a local guitarist/friend/lighting guru/all-around cool dude who used to play in the Young Professionals, and another guy named Justin who lives in LA, and who also doesn’t have his last name on their myspace page. Apparently they’ve been trading songs back and forth via the interwebs, collaborating and synthesizing. The result is a moody, Postal Service-esque sound that is, in my opinion, quite refreshing for Nashville. The lyrics are mostly soft-spoken, and the beats are sometimes a bit glitchy, sometimes smooth and even a little dancey. Think the Postal Service and Phoenix making love while listening to Hot Chip. Check out their myspace, then grab the two tracks below:


Dr. Alan Boss, an astronomer and author, announced at a conference in Chicago recently that our own Milky Way could harbor billions, yes BILLIONS, of earth-like planets. He thinks that the Kepler Mission (scheduled for launch in just a few weeks) will even discover many earth-like planets just within 30 or so light years of earth. Dr. Boss’s comments can be found in several news stories released in the last few days, but I think Universe Today does the best job of reporting this announcement. I personally am a bit skeptical of this claim, as his numbers fall under the high end of the range of possible results from the famous Drake Equation. I do, however, believe strongly that the Kepler Mission will find an earth twin, and probably many of them. I don’t think that we will reach the conclusion that billions of them are in our own galaxy, though. Maybe hundreds of thousands, or even a few million….. but I’m hesitant to say billions. I do agree that if life does exist on these earth-like planets, it’s probably going to mostly microbial or other non-intelligent forms. No matter the result, I can’t wait to see what the Kepler Mission finds.

This ties in nicely to this video of President Obama talking about his mission to restore science & technology to the forefront of education and funding. I can’t explain how happy it makes me to hear this. After the last 8 years of regression, this is music to my ears, and it should be to yours, too.

One Response to “Obama addresses science/Michael Jackson stuff”

  1. Arob Says:

    Nice call on AXWY, dogg. Gooood shtuff.

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