Grizzly Bear goes mainstream/MGMT release 2nd “Kids” video/Gay penguins

June 4, 2009

I think it’s safe to say Grizzly Bear has gone mainstream when their new album Veckatimest charts at #8 in the Billboard top 10. It’s crazy to see bands like them and Arcade Fire suddenly become a huge act with such mass appeal. It’s also crazy to see an “indie” band in the company of Eminem, Marilyn Manson, and Winsin & Yandel in the charts. Quite a variety in the top 10 this week, to say the least. Honestly though, I just don’t get the hype about Grizzly Bear. There are some mildly interesting tracks on this new album, and it does seem to be the most interesting thing they’ve released thus far, but for me, it’s a snoozefest. And that’s not just because they’re overall a fairly quiet, chill band. There are plenty of quiet, chill bands that are NOT a snoozefest for me. But these guys are. For the most part. I am very happy to see them doing so well, though. These guys seem to be genuinely interested in making music for the sake of music and are in it for the right reasons. It just so happens that what they’re doing has become very commercially viable, and that’s how it should work.

MGMT released a 2nd “official” video for last year’s dancefloor hit “Kids.” I honestly don’t know why they’re releasing a 2nd video for this song. But who cares? It’s actually pretty good. But pretty terrifying at the same time. Check it out at You Ain’t No Picasso. I tried to find a version that I could embed here, but no luck.

History just loves to repeat itself. Paul McCartney will christen Citi Field, the new home of the Mets, by playing the first concerts there on July 17th and 18th.

A zoo in Germany made headlines in 2005 because of 3 pairs of male “gay penguins” in one of their exhibits. Now one of the couples is successfully raising a chick from an abandoned egg that the keepers gave them, adding to list of evidence proving that homosexuality does indeed a occur in nature and it’s not a choice or a product of human societal degradation as some religious groups claim. Take that, hatemongers!

Since I rambled on a bit about Grizzly Bear, that’s it for this post. See ya tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Grizzly Bear goes mainstream/MGMT release 2nd “Kids” video/Gay penguins”

  1. liz Says:

    “Honestly though, I just don’t get the hype about Grizzly Bear.”

    …Listen to their music, bitch.

  2. Alma Says:

    Geeze, Louise! No fightin’ people! Grizzly Bear is AWESOME without such angry words! LOL xooxox

  3. jaja Says:

    I think grizzly bear is gotten the wrong publicist, hype attention.. They should not be pushed to be POPular if they are indie in the first place. For those that dont get grizzly bear.. then guess what…you must stick with your mainstream stuff while learning about what indie music is beautifully about… in this case Grizzly Bear.

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