POWERBRRRD debut tonight at Mercy Lounge

August 31, 2009

Hey people. I’ve been slacking lately… mainly because work/life/everything got 150% busier over the last couple of weeks. But I’m taking 5 min today to make sure you know about two awesome things.

powerbrrrdlogoTonight is the official debut of POWERBRRRD, my new band. We’re playing the 8 off 8th at Mercy Lounge hosted by Ashley Spurgeon. We’re celebrating her birthday (which also happens to be the day Caligula’s birth…). It’s still Seth Graves and me, but we’ve added Brandon Jazz from the Armed Forces to the lineup. Josh is still around, but about to be a new daddy, so at the moment we’re a power trio while he focuses on family. Josh’s mojo will be added back into the mix soon enough. Our sound is really nothing like Tigers Con Queso, so wash any preconceptions you may have based on the old band. The only similarity is Seth’s voice. So please do come down to Mercy Lounge tonight. It’s FREE, and will feature other acts such as Daniel Pujole and Some Beaus (former Meemaw frontman), Denny and the Jets (members of Meemaw and JEFF), Max and the Wild Things, Electric Mayhem (Matt Friction, Dave Paulson, and some others…), and Gunslinger. A good time is guaranteed.

The other awesome thing to report is that I made a trip to All Seasons on saturday and picked up my first home brewing kit. Yesterday we did the boiling/brewing process and the fermentation has now begun. The recipe I used was for an American-style Pale Ale, so hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have a ton of beer to give away.

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