Weekend stuff/the return of Nashville Nights

April 9, 2010

In my humble opinion, Nashville Nights is one of the best dance music blogs out there, and I was elated to find out that he finally re-launched yesterday with a new look and his own domain- nashvillenightsblog.com. Bookmark it, subscribe to the feed, etc… Welcome back, Joseph, we missed you!

NN was one of many music blogs hosted by blogger that got inexplicably deleted with no warning. Let that be a lesson if you run a music blog, GET AWAY FROM BLOGGER AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Even if you post fully legit, artist/management approved mp3s (as Joseph always did) they will probably still delete your blog.

This weekend is a bit dry in terms of awesome shows… but here are some interesting things:

Tonight Denny & The Jets return to the stage at Springwater along with Aquariums, Vermicious K’nids, and Fuck Show.

Saturday Bad Cop, Ill Patriot, Look What I Did, and Modern Hell will be at the End, and Zeitgeist is happening at University School of Nashville. This year’s Zeitgeist will feature a TON of bands, culminating with De Novo Dahl, Daniel Pujol, the Looking Glass, How Cozy!, and some other prominent names in the local scene. The End show sill start at Rock O’Clock as usual, but Zeitgeist starts at 7pm sharp!

Have a great weekend!

One Response to “Weekend stuff/the return of Nashville Nights”

  1. joseph Says:

    thanks for the words! hope you’re doin well

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