Chromeo and Holy Ghost playing Cannery/New Ocelots EP

May 24, 2010

I heard about this show last friday, but couldn’t really mention it until the official word came from Mercy Lounge/Cannery. Chromeo and Holy Ghost! will be playing at the Cannery on August 26th! This is the kind of lineup that 5 years ago would’ve never been possible in Nashville, but now it’s happening, and you should be very excited because this is one of the best matchups ever to come through town. I must be totally honest- I’ve always been rather lukewarm about Chromeo, but I can rock some Holy Ghost! any day. After seeing LCD Soundsystem at Bonnaroo this year and then seeing Holy Ghost!, my DFA void will be filled.

On a different note, it looks like local math-punks The Ocelots have been busy in the studio, as they’ve got a new EP on their bandcamp. This material is a much-needed break from their past. These songs have more of a melodic direction than their older ones while still keeping the jagged, bouncy, math-rock format intact. In fact, one of the songs actually stuck in my head for a minute… something that would’ve never happened before. It’s name-your-price… but I suggest making a donation…

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