New sElf video

June 22, 2010

I’ve been rather tied up the past couple of days since I’m volunteering/teaching photography at the Tennessee Teens Rock & Roll Camp, so you’ve probably already seen this on the Nashville Cream, but since I’m the world’s biggest sElf fan, I have to post this. Because it deserves reposting. Holy fucking shit this video is cool… I already mentioned the new song, now here’s the video. One fucking take, in reverse. I can’t tell if he actually lip-synced backwards or not, or if the words work out so that him lip-syncing in reverse looks close enough that it works… but whatevs. This video fucking rules. Matt is a genius.

2 Responses to “New sElf video”

  1. So I just found my Self CD, that I got a small club in San Antonio Texas back in ’95 or ’96, and researched that he is now in Tennessee. Has he done anything since your post?
    There is another musician in Nashville that I like and would love to see. Nashville seems to be L.A. without (I think) the plastic surgery and pretentiousness.

  2. I do know he’s currently working on a new Self album in his home studio here in TN. His main paying gig now is producing soundtracks and music for cartoon TV shows. Of course he still produces and records bands also. Since he’s so busy with that, the new Self material is slow-going, but it will be out one day!
    As for the LA comparison- I hate to compare Nashville to LA because about the only thing I like about LA is the weather. I like to think Nashville is only like LA in that there is a lot music industry here…

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