Jasmin Kaset: Get her debut album

October 5, 2010

I’ve known Jasmin Kaset for quite a few years now. Until recently she’d played various small, solo acoustic shows, sometimes with a few friends accompanying her on various instruments. She moved back and forth between Nashville and Australia a time or two. It seemed that she might have been holding back a bit, waiting for the right time to step into the spotlight. That time has come and she’s officially made a strong statement in Nashville’s “other” music scene, the good one. She teamed up with studio wizard and Non-Commissioned Officers founding member/producer Jordan Lehning, and I must say it’s a match made in heaven. He took her sweet acoustic ditties and ballads and turned them into soaring majestic masterpieces fit for a king. (Well, some of the songs are still simple acoustic arrangements, but the standout tracks can most certainly be described as “majestic.”) My only reservation with Jasmin was always that the Phonetic styling of her voice was usually a little too sweet and somewhat childlike. That child of a voice has now matured and her performance on this album simply demands your attention and respect. She still sounds distinctly like Jasmin, but she’s singing more robustly these days, and I absolutely love it. Some of these songs will no doubt draw comparisons to Regina Spektor, but honestly in my humble opinion I think Jasmin’s songwriting simply eclipses that of Ms. Spektor.

The album is short, but it’s worth every penny of the $5 you will spend to purchase it directly through her website. The artwork is worth mentioning as well- a delight for your eyes.

Jasmin Kaset-Food


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