The Naked & Famous: riding the Passion Pit waves

November 29, 2010

This band from New Zealand The Naked & Famous are making me pretty happy at the moment. Don’t have their full album yet but from the 2 tracks I’ve heard, they basically sound like a more epic, more robust version of Passion Pit. Basically those are the things that kept me from loving Passion Pit, so for me this band is almost perfect. I know they’ll get tons of Passion Pit references and will probably grow tired of it but it’s too obvious to just ignore- the similarities are there. What’s kind of hilarious is that Pashy Pit’s Angelakos is a dude, but his stratospheric falsetto is in the same register as TNAF’s vocalist Alisa Xayalith. Don’t get me wrong, I like both bands, but honestly TNAF is pretty much what I always wanted Passion Pit to be. I’d put money on them becoming one of the biggest indie sensations of 2011. Check out the video for their hit single “Young Blood”:

2 Responses to “The Naked & Famous: riding the Passion Pit waves”

  1. Juan Says:

    Well guess you were right then. Cheers, great band!

  2. Zach Says:

    Good call

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