Wicked Celtics: SPARKS (Come Back To Me Someday)

February 22, 2011

My day has been vastly improved by the existence of this new video from Wicked Celtics. Atom Andersen (formerly of Murfreesboro power pop stars Feable Weiner/Mondo Primo) moved to Austin, TX back in 2008, and shortly thereafter Wicked Celtics was born. It started as some lo-fi bedroom videos, but this just takes it to a whole new level. That’s some serious authenticity- the graphite-black guitar, the full-band pose in the creek, the douche-beard. But the thrusting longhorn belt buckle… I almost fell out of my chair. Be sure to watch in HD:

If you don’t get the joke, why are you reading my blog?

One Response to “Wicked Celtics: SPARKS (Come Back To Me Someday)”

  1. Matt S. Says:

    I’m doing my part to circulate that video all over Anchorage.

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