Weekend shows/other music tidbits

April 8, 2011

Sorry posting has been scarce this week. I’m effin’ BUSY.

A quick show rundown for what’s cool this weekend show-wise:


“Night of the living cover bands” TNTRC benefit ft. Protomen as Queen, A Secret Policeman’s Ball as Hall & Oates, Hanzelle as Outkast, and TNTRC Team Awesome as Blondie. Minimum $6 donation. 9pm, 21+. Seriously, this is gonna rule. I mean, Hall & Oates? Protomen doing Queen? This is gonna rule your life tonight. I’ll be there. And it’s pretty much the best local cause you could possibly support.

This might seem like an odd thing for me to plug, but I highly recommend Tortured Soul w/ Mindub at 12th & Porter. Waaaay back when I was part of MTSU’s Student Programming Committee, we brought Tortured Soul to play in the KUC Theater. Granted, that tiny stage and small theater style setting was an odd place for a band to play, and the show wasn’t that well attended mainly for that reason, but I did see them play and was impressed. They basically do house music, but as a live band. It’s very smooth, funky, and highly danceable without being overly jammy. And you should know about Mindub.


Destroyer w/ War On Drugs @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $12 adv/$15 DOS.

Tour de Fun in Murfreesboro: an all-day bike rally/house show extravanganza. There are literally 40+ bands playing at various houses and other DIY venues. Some highlights: Hanzelle, We Were the States, Famn Damn. A pretty cool idea, in it’s second year of existence. Check the link above to the Scene Critic’s Pick for more details.

Some other tidbits that need mentioning:

  • We Own This Town has brought back their video performance series. The first one is D. Watusi, the new-ish project from former Kindergarten Circus frontman Dillon Watson. WOTT helmsman Doug Lehman, along with the help of Andy Snyder and Jeremy Ferguson, brought back the series, and I look forward to seeing who they bring through in the future. Since the self-proclaimed hiatus of the Lake Fever Sessions, there’s been a need for someone to step in and fill the void. Watch D. Watusi perform “High School Baby” and “Summer Nights.” BONUS- D. Watusi-Summer Nights MP3
  • As the A.V. Club reports, Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Damian Kulash, and Neil Gaiman are participating in an ambitious project as part of the Rethink Music Conference. They’re going to write 8 songs in 8 hours, record them in a marathon session, release them through Bandcamp, and perform them at a show the next day. Oh, and the songs will be based on topics sent to them through twitter. I think this is fascinating idea, and it’ll be interesting to hear the results.

Have a great weekend!


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