JEFF the Brotherhood really are the champions

May 3, 2011

Jake and Jamin of JEFF the Brotherhood are pretty much the luckiest dudes in the world right now, at least in terms of their musical career. The Nashville Cream broke the story just this morning that they and their own label Infinity Cat have struck a deal from heaven with Warner Music Group. Read that Cream post for the deets, but in short, they (both the band and their label) get the $$$ and muscle of WMG while not sacrificing their creative freedom. They can still do what they want, how they want, but with this deal they reach a MUCH wider audience. Not only do they have all this going for them, but they have basically the greatest dad ever- Robert Ellis Orrall. He uses his years of experience in the music industry to help J&J run Infinity Cat, and he’s supported them in every way possible through their various musical endeavours. (Vice Magazine ran a cool little story on that recently.) Way to go, bros. You really are the champions right now. I can personally attest to the fact that these are some of nicest, coolest dudes you’ll ever meet and they couldn’t be more deserving. #Winning all around.

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