Music for Animals: an adorable and fascinating idea/PUJOL signs to Saddle Creek

August 2, 2011

The video above, for the song “Milo Minute” by Grass Widow came about because of a project called Music for Animals. This fascinating idea is quite simple: have bands play shows for animals. Or just a solo acoustic performance. How cool is that? Aside from being cute and potentially of scientific interest, from a PR standpoint it’s pretty smart for the band/artist. This blog post is case in point.

If I get motivated enough and have the time I might even try to arrange something like this with a Nashville band at the Nashville Zoo. Any takers?

(Via The Fader)

Oh, and I must mention that Nashvillian Daniel Pujol… or just PUJOL as you probably know him, has signed to Saddle Creek records. Yeah- the Omaha label originally home to Bright Eyes, Cursive, etc… Honestly it’s a pairing I wouldn’t have predicted, but it’s awesome nonetheless. Yay PUJOL!


One Response to “Music for Animals: an adorable and fascinating idea/PUJOL signs to Saddle Creek”

  1. Wes Davenport Says:

    Catchy song! You’re right; the concept is great for PR. It tells an interesting story. Though I’d hate to see a gorilla moshing at a hardcore show.

    And congratulations to Daniel for signing to Saddle Creek. He’s a great guy, and I hope the deal works out for him.

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