2nd Quasi-annual Rock & Roll Science Fair tonight at Mercy Lounge

August 15, 2011

My former bandmate and friend Seth Graves is hosting his 2nd quasi-annual Rock & Roll Science Fair tonight at Mercy Lounge, and it’s gonna be a blast. I’d like to think this blog was the original inspiration for Seth’s idea a couple years back, but that might a bit presumptuous. Regardless, obviously this is something I’m 100% behind. The lineup is fantastic and quite diverse:

Bad Cop
Sam & Tre
Thelma & the Sleaze
Leslie Keffer
Look What I Did
Spiderfriends Siberian Traps
Gay Vibes (Seth’s new sludge-core band.)

All bands and attendees are encouraged to bring some sort of science fair project. As with all 8 off 8ths it’s 100% FREE, 21+, and starts around 9pm. Get your nerd on.

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