New Jacuzzi Boys album next week

August 25, 2011

I love Jacuzzi Boys, and it’s high-time I wrote about them. What better time than now, leading up to the release of the new album Glazin’ next week? You can stream the whole thing over at Spin, so I recommend you do that because you’ll end up putting it on repeat all day long. Just like their last record No Seasons, this one is pure fun from start to finish. Every song just gives me what I want. It’s all very satisfying and digestible. Pure unadulterated 60’s-driven garage psych-pop. This record is your one-stop-shop for sockhop beats, slap-back vocals, jangly guitar riffs, and a fuzzed-out solo here and there. Be sure to catch them next time they stop through Nashville on Oct. 29th. I’ve no doubt the Nashville’s Dead crew have some awesome Halloween-related antics up their sleeves for this show. (Via Nashville’s Dead)

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