Addendum to A Few Good Shows: Terminator the Second

October 14, 2011

What the fuck was wrong with me this morning? I completely forgot to mention the amazing/intriguing theater production that’s happening this weekend at Nashville School of the Arts! My friends Marshall Weber and Cody DeVos (known for his role in the feature film Make-out With Violence) have started their own theater company and it’s called Husky Jackal. Their flagship production is a genre-bending story that combines the sci-fi plot of Terminator 2 with the writing style of Shakespeare. Sounds intriguing right? You aren’t the only one who thinks so. The production has gotten the attention of the Tennessean, i09, the Scene, and Mental Floss, just to name a few. It all goes down at Nashville School of the Arts starting tonight, going through Monday night. Tickets are only $15 and you can get them through the official website.


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