8 off 8th tonight at Mercy Lounge: I’m hosting

January 30, 2012

Mercy Lounge is the place to be tonight if you’re in Nashville- I’ve put together an 8 off 8th bill that I’m quite proud of. It’s totally FREE and there are cheap drinks brought to you by Yuengling. There have been SO many themed 8 off 8ths and other shows lately that I (and I think most people around town) are starting to get sick of it, so this one is just a solid, no-gimmick lineup of great up-and-coming and established local names. Here’s a rundown of the lineup (in no particular order):

I Believe In Hotpants– sizzling, tight, in-your-face 90s-fueled power pop.

Bravo Max– another dose of clever power pop from former Feable Weiner/Mondo Primo co-frontman Joshua Watson.

Bows and Arrows– shoegazey, melodic, dreamy, Jesus & Mary Chain-inspired fuzz-pop.

Scale Model– (I play drums) we’re a marriage of 90s/early-aughts indie rock and 80s syth-pop. Think Blondie meets Mogwai.

Magnolia Sons– soul/funk/motown. A big sound complete with horns and backup singers.

Honey Locust– featuring members of Blue Cadet Three, Ave Marling, Mom, and others. A stompy, folky good time.

King Arthur– Stewart Copeland is in this band! No, really. He is. They are bouncy indie pop fun times.

Sugar Sk*_*lls– an experimental glitchy 8-bit dance project from Ben Marcantel of Hands Off Cuba fame. He plays a Gameboy!

That does it. Check them all out live tonight! Starts at 9pm SHARP. You won’t want to miss the first band OR the last, and I promise we won’t keep you out too late- this shizz will be over at a reasonable hour!

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