Goldrush: Prabir Mehta’s new band

March 9, 2012

Remember Richmond, VA’s Prabir & The Substitutes? Or even farther back, The Rachel Nevadas? Those were some great bands that used to tour through middle TN quite a bit, and they were all fronted by Prabir Mehta. The Substitutes disbanded in 2009, (whoa has it really been that long?) and out of the ashes came Goldrush. They’re playing the Basement this sunday night along with a few other bands who are passing through town on their way to Austin for SXSW. So I recommend, along with the shows listed in today’s A Few Good Shows, checking out the show this Sunday night at the Basement. Lineup: Goldrush, The Amboys, Battle Ave, and Andrew Leahey & The Homestead. Cover is $5 and it’s 21+ as always!

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