Makeup and Vanity Set: 88:88 soundtrack out on VHS May 31st

May 30, 2012

As I’ve mentioned before, local electronic music genius Makeup and Vanity Set did the soundtrack for the locally produced independent film 88:88. Only some of the music is actually used in the film itself, but MAVS created a whole album of material based on the ideas/emotions of the film. That soundtrack album will be released via VHS tape, yes VHS tape, on May 31st. Telefuture is behind it and, well… it’s possibly the coolest distribution idea ever, only because it’s so absurd. By absurd I mean absurdly perfect for this release and this release alone. MAVS himself tweeted “I would encourage everyone who grabs one of the 50 copies of the VHS to watch it alone in a dark room the first time. Trust me.” If the above teaser clip is any indication, I wholeheartedly agree. If you can find a VCR to play it on.

Stream the whole album via Soundcloud below:

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