It’s #fuckyeahAmerica time: here are some vids & other tidbits- see ya next week

July 3, 2012

It’s a busy summer. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, then I’m heading out of town for a few days for some desperately needed time off. So, this will be the last blog post for about a week and a half. But before that, here are some musical goodies/tidbits:

  • California steeldrumwave artist Viceroy has just released “Chase You Around,” a new single featuring vocals from Nashville’s own Madi Diaz, via Vitalic Noise. Seriously, I think there’s enough poolside-summer-vibe-fueled slow disco with steeldrums out there now that we can just call it steeldrumwave. It’s got a bit of a 90s influence, but that should come as no surprise given Viceroy’s knack for throwing his tropical twist on 90s jamz. Check it:
  • JEFF the Brotherhood just released a very summery video (though NSFW) for their new single “Sixpack.” It features a lot of local pals such as members of Birdcloud, Heavy Cream, Ri¢hie, and some very brief male nudity (I think it’s Cy Barkley, but it’s hard to tell). It also features the only tasteful/non-annoying use of those laser pointer splitter effects I’ve ever seen. Gotta hand it to these guys- they’ve made some awesome music videos, and this one is no exception- it just makes you wanna jump in a canoe and go camping and get drunk. (Via Nashville Cream)
  • Finally, I’ll link back to my post from last year about how to make homemade smoke bomb from sugar and saltpeter. Reminder- please be very careful if you do this and observe all safety precautions! I am not responsible for any injuries or other harm that may come to you as result of reading this blog post and carrying out the instructions contained within. If you observe all safety precautions, however, this is a safe recipe/method for making a very impressive homemade smoke bomb. It’s done very commonly by pyrotechnics hobbyists everywhere. Be sure to check your local ordinances and laws to determine whether doing this is legal where you live!

Have a great 4th of July and I’ll be back late next week!

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  1. […] art below).  The video was directed by Elise Tyler and Michael Carter, and takes us canoeing with some notable Nashville faces.  The video isn’t as unsafe for work as some that we’ve recently posted, but I doubt […]

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