A Few Good Shows: 7/20/12

July 20, 2012

Before we get to the show listings, I must quickly share something totally awesome- a new wing of xkcd called “what if?” On this new blog xkcd founder and physics genius Randall Munroe answers bizarre hypothetical questions that random people send to him. He presents the answers with a touch of that same humor and wit that makes the web comic so awesome. My favorite so far is Relativistic Baseball, in which he explains that a baseball thrown at nearly the speed of light would cause a nuclear explosion. This guy is my hero.

On to the show listings for this weekend. Nashville is very busy this weekend with good rock shows!


Infinity Cat 10 year anniversary ft. Skyblazer, Tristen, Deluxin’, and Psychic Hotline @ Exit/In. 9pm $10

QDP @ The 5 Spot. 10pm FREE


Chris Crofton & The Alcohol Stuntband w/ Tower Defense @ The 5 Spot. $5 10pm


Sunday School ft. Ogg, King Karl, TBA @ The End. 8pm FREE

The Goldroom, Ascent of Everest, Parlour, and Old Baby @ the High Watt. 8pm $7

Have a great weekend!


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