My photography work is now on Society 6. Buy it if you like it!

February 11, 2013

CO2013-RedRocks03-webI must take a quick moment to do some shameless self-promotion. I created a gallery on Society 6, and I would love it if you, dear reader, would take a moment to browse through it at the very least. And if you see something you really love, buy it! Most of my work is available not only as art prints, but also as stretched canvas prints, laptop/iPad covers, and iPhone cases.

I’ve been putting a few of my iPhone/Instagram photos that I deem good enough for art prints/etc… on there, plus I also have a back catalog of photography work that goes all the way back to my college years, much of which is yet to be uploaded, so please check back often as new/old stuff becomes available. Please take a look and if you love the work/love me/have some money, buy something!

*end shameless self-promotion*


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