You’ve probably already seen at least one of these music news items by now, but hopefully not all of them, if so, just ignore this post.

Local DJ hero Justin Kase has officially released a few of his remixes in full-form to the blogosphere via Nashville Nights. Go grab his remixes of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, Little Boots’ Earthquake, Matt & Kim’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare, and his own original track Gil as reworked by another local electronic music icon (IMO) Makeup & Vanity Set.

Local scrap-punk purveyors MEEMAW are re-uniting for at least one show after a year of hiatus. More at Nashville Cream and Nashville’s Dead. I was starting to get tired of them toward the end, but now I’m ready for more MEEMAW. Gimme gimme gimme. This flyer is absolutely priceless:

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Vegan continues to blow their load over JEFF the Brotherhood. And the Soundgarden reunion. No, I’m not joking, Soundgarden is reuniting. I have to admit I was totally into them through most of high school, and because they were one of many bands that were an integral part of my formative years, I’d like to keep them a distinctively retrospective affair. They were just soooooo 90’s… how could they ever do anything good by reuniting now? I think they’re a band that should stay in the past.

them-crooked-vultures-at-war-memorial-auditorium-10-5-09.3954914.36It seems like there’s been a ridiculous onslaught of supergroups coming out in the last 2 years (most of which somehow involve Jack White). Amazingly, supergroup Them Crooked Vultures (Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, Josh Homme, and Alain Johannes) decided they had the sheer starpower to pull off a small US tour before even releasing a single recording to the masses. It seems crazy until you realize that a lineup like that could sell out a medium-sized venue even if they were doing nothing more than farting into mics on stage. They’ve finally released details of their album, and you can stream the whole thing on their youtube. (Odd place to stream your album?) (Via Stereogum)

Sam Patton of the WRVU radio show Penguin Parade, and founding member of the now-defunct (or at least on-hiatus) Left Can Dance, did the November mix for Blogging Is Serious Business. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I have no doubt of its quality. Go grab it now. And if you haven’t grabbed my October mix for BISB, go grab that, too. This is somewhat old news now, but Justin Kase (who runs BISB) has a new remix/original music project called Fitout, and you can sample part of his remix of Little Boots’ Earthquake on the Fitout bandcamp page.

Next month I should have some tasty new beer ready for consumption. This is the first batch where I’ve toyed around with the recipe a bit. Basically I used a Brewer’s Best pre-packaged kit for a Robust Porter, but I added some ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon. I’m gonna call it a “Holiday Porter.” The wort smelled exactly like gingerbread cookies, so I’m thinking maybe this will come out tasting something like them as well… but who knows? It’s an experiment for sure. Look for this batch to be ready sometime around Dec. 12th.