Today’s ridiculous headlines

December 15, 2011

For some reason there have been several hilarious/ridiculous headlines popping up around my various internet haunts today. So I decided to just post them together here, for you clicking pleasure.

Two of them were on New Scientist:

“Mystery of the male ostrich’s erection solved.”

“Selectively bred fruit flies who can survive Titan’s harsh conditions after a diet of vodka rain.”

(Apparently they changed that last one… but that’s how it showed up in my reader initially, I promise.)

“Man Arrested After Attacking People At Toys R Us With Lightsaber”

“Wonder Woman and She-Hulk give themselves breast exams in Mozambique.”

And this one is just cute:

“Baby Seal Enters House, Sleeps on Couch”

You’re welcome.

heavydaysmyspacebannerJEFF the Brotherhood has a new album coming out today called Heavy Days. I’m gonna go buy it. You should too.

JEFF the Brotherhood-Bone Jam

I couldn’t help but both laugh and be totally freaked out when I read about Cuddle Parties yesterday on the Tennessean website. This is simultaneously hilarious and terrifying… Adult people gathering with a group of total strangers, changing into pajamas, and laying in a big pile spooning, cuddling and massaging each other’s feet? I don’t even know what to say…. (Via Nashvillest)

The next official BFF will be going down next friday, Oct. 23rd, at Mad Donna’s again. My cohort Joseph (Fan Fiction) will unfortunately have to sit this one out because of prior birthday engagements, but I’ve recruited the help of DJ’s Potamus and Fats. Potamus has been making a name for himself opening for the likes of MSTRKRFT recently at Limelight, and Fats can be found over at the weekly Foobar event Totally DJ’s. This time around we’re instituting a miniscule $3 cover for those aged 18-20, but it’s still free for those 21+, so come out and dance next weekend! If you haven’t done so yet, please go grab my October mix for Justin Kase’s blog, Blogging Is Serious Business.