Janet Timmons’ bday show at 5 Spot tonight

September 18, 2009

So tonight is Janet Timmons’ birthday bash at the 5 Spot. Not only is there a cool lineup, but it’s also FREE, and I’m spinning hot jamz (as Burgers) before and between bands. Let it be known that My So-Called Band is a 90’s pop cover band made up of Dave Paulson (the Privates, ex-Pink Spiders), Keith Lowen (the Privates, Comfies, De Novo Dahl, lots of other good bands), and Sam Smith (current Ben Folds drummer, also from the Comfies). With that awesome lineup of awesomely talented musicians, this is going to be totally awesomely awesome. Did I mention it will be awesome? Oh and if you don’t know who Janet is, you should, because she hosts a great radio show on 91.1 WRVU called Out The Other. She’s also been appropriately dubbed “Nashville’s official local rock cheerleader.”

There are lots of good things going down this weekend, but I’m kinda tired and don’t have much time right now, so for a good list of shit to do, go check out the Nashville Cream’s weekend round-up post.

I hope to see you tonight, and have a great weekend!

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