A Few Good Shows: 8/19/11

August 19, 2011

Well, this weekend is literally bursting at the seams with awesome music to go see. So if you live in Nashville and you’re not out seeing at least 1 good show this weekend, you have a problem.


Heartbeater, Bows & Arrows, and Action! @ the 5 Spot. 9pm 21+ $5(This is Heartbeater’s FINAL show, so if you’re a fan, don’t miss it!)

GLOVES, w/ Vitalic Noise, Jenn Harbin, and Mindub @ Virago Rooftop. 9pm $3. My man Justin at Vitalic Noise has been consistently bringing top-notch touring DJs from around the world right to our doorstep here in Nashville, and this week he’s trying something new: a rooftop party. GLOVES is one of my favorite DJ/producers and his brand new remix of New Zealand up-and-comer Kimbra’s song “Cameo Lover” has been on repeat lately. And where’s he from? Melbourne Australia. I am repeatedly blown away by amount of amazing sexy/smooth disco goodness coming out of that city. Cut Copy, Miami Horror, Cassian… the list goes on and on. This is one not to miss! For more info check out the Vitalic Noise blog.


8th Ave South is gonna be a madhouse on Saturday night.

Nashville Cream 5th anniversary party w/ The Features, Tristen, and Evan P. Donohue @ Third Man Records. 8pm, SOLD OUT. If you snoozed, you loozed. As I understand it, The Features will be playing a very special set that’s different from their album release party at Mercy Lounge 1 week later.

Up The Antics Nashville Block Party w/ Turbo Fruits, Delta Spirit, The Rosebuds, Surfer Blood, and The Wild Feathers @ Mercy Lounge/Cannery parking lot. 6pm, 18+, FREE w/ RSVP here.

Up The Antics afterparty w/ DJ set from Pat Mahoney (of LCD Soundsystem) @ Mercy Lounge. FREE w/ above RSVP.

Kyle Andrews in-store performance at Grimey’s. FREE, 5pm

The Clutters, Chocolate Horse, Century Club @ the 5 Spot. 9pm 21+ $5


Nashville’s Dead presents: Heavy Cream, Feral Beat, Useless Eaters @ The Basement. 9pm 21+ $5.

I have a feeling Nashville’s collective liver is gonna be hurting after this weekend.

The official national “blow shit up” holiday weekend is about to commence, and I’m sure you’ve already made plans of how/when/where you’re going to blow shit up. So here’s a list of good shows to attend when you’re not blowing shit up this weekend:

TONIGHT- I’ll be at the Comfies EP release show at the End, which also features Tristen and probably another band, but that band hasn’t been listed anywhere that I can find. Regardless, this will be a good show.
Also if you’re in Murfreesboro tonight, Chris Freeman is back in town for the summer and is playing a show at Liquid Smoke, while just down the block Henry Daggs is playing at Wallstreet. You could probably dash back & forth if you really wanted to…

SATURDAY- Break out your old flannel and ripped jeans from high school and wear them to My So-Called Band: the Ultimate 90’s Experience at Mercy Lounge. Or check out Henry Rollins at TPAC’s Jackson Hall. Or check out Dave Cloud, Diet Blood, Marj!, Square People, and Deluxin’ at Open Lot.

For the 4th, there’s really no excuse to not be at Mercy Lounge for the Nashville Cream/Vienna Beef sponsored “National Hot Dog Month Kickoff Party.” I’ll be doing a photobooth, you can watch the always-awesome downtown fireworks from Mercy’s kickass balcony, AND be treated to the sounds of Ghostfinger, Heartbeater, Alcohol Stuntband, and the Armed Forces, all MC-ed by Chris Crofton. And one more thing- everyone gets a free hot dog. All this for the patriotic price of $5. ($8 if you’re 18-20.) Doors open at 7pm so be sure to get there early, because everyone will be elbowing for a good spot to watch the fireworks from on the patio, and the fireworks generally start around 9 or 930pm. The bands will start immediately after the fireworks.

Last but not least, I must mention this “WTF” moment… since I posted a bunch “WTFs” yesterday. Here’s a video from Beck’s Record Club, featuring Beck, Thurston Moore, and Tortoise covering Yanni. YES, YANNI. Yanni’s Live at the Acropolis to be exact. I’m speechless. (Via You Ain’t No Picasso)

Official performers of the Makeout With Violence Soundtrack and first 2010 Road to Bonnaroo winners The Non-Commissioned Officers did 3 songs for the awesome Lake Fever Sessions. They’re up now, so go have a watch. It’s reaaaal good.

I’m officially even more excited about the upcoming movie Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez/directed by Nimrod Antal, now that I’ve seen the 2-minute clip on the official website. It’s not a trailer (apparently that’s hitting the web this Thur.), but it does have some footage and commentary from Mr. Rodriguez himself. The fact that they’re well aware they’d never top the tough-guy role of Arnold in the first one is heartening, and is the main reason I’m actually looking forward to it. Apparently SXSW Film had a special feature/sneak-peek party for the film last night:

I’m officially older than the internet, because the first .com celebrated its 25th birthday today. In 1985 Symbolics Computer Company registered the first official .com domain. (Via Live Science)

According to my bandmate Seth my hypothetical bloghouse/power pop side project should be called + (pronounced Cross). In a blog post on Nashville Cream about side projects he mentions several hilarious hypothetical Nashville side projects…

With that I submit that this may be my last blog post until after SXSW. We’re heading down tomorrow night, and unless I discover something that absolutely must be blogged, you probably won’t hear from me until at least the 22nd, probably more like the 23rd or 24th. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a spare minute to post a few random pics while I’m down there, but it’s not likely. Be sure to keep up with the Cream for my pics and updates from Adam Gold, Seth Graves, and Patrick Rodgers.

And, never forget:

So it’s New Year’s Eve. Inevitably everything in this post is somehow related to that fact. First of all, what to do tonight. Since I’m working the Generation Domination photobooth at Mercy Lounge’s “Happy Endings” party tonight, I must plug that first. But plugging is kinda pointless at this point, because if you haven’t already gotten tix, you’re pretty much SOL. According to a facebook message from 1:10am last night (this morning), there is only 1 VIP package left. The VIP package is for four people. Email drew@mercylounge.com for details. But honestly, it’s probably already gone by the time you read this. For a very visual representation of what else to do this NYE, check out the Nashville Scene’s official NYE flow chart:

Click through to see the bigger version at Nashville Cream

Nashville Is Dead has some details on a few select shows as well, most notably the (unofficial) Infinity Cat NYE show at the End.

Also of interest, i09 gives you ten reasons to live through the next decade. Among my favs: Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi filmmaking, green development and progress toward 100% renewable energy, the LHC and possibility of finding the Higgs-Boson particle, and I totally agree with their #1 choice being the Mars Science Laboratory. I would, however, add to that the joint Mars program between NASA and ESA that I mentioned yesterday.

Now here’s the video to George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You” just for kicks, via Yewknee’d.

Happy New Year, and we’ll see you next week!

In case you’ve been under a rock lately, or are just utterly unfamiliar with Vanderbilt’s student radio station WRVU, there’s been a bit of a shitstorm recently regarding a new rule put in place by their governing body. In short, the board of directors for Vanderbilt Student Communications (which is a separate corporate entity from Vanderbilt) voted to cap the number of community DJs. Community DJs are ones who are not Vanderbilt students, faculty, staff, or alumni. Simply read some of the comments at the Nashville Cream post if you’re unfamiliar. I simply do not have enough knowledge of the situation to form a firm opinion, but I am pretty disgusted at how nasty some of the comments on that post were. It’s horrible that members of our local music scene resorted to name-calling and personal attacks, though I do understand where their anger comes from. Personally, the most I can opine on the matter is to say that the number limit should not be on the overall number of community DJs, but rather the number of shows/time slots given to community DJs. Also, as a former DJ at 88.3 WMTS (MTSU’s student station) which had no community DJs at all, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to limit the amount of community DJ involvement. I’ve always thought that our local music scene/community was lucky to have college radio station that allowed non Vanderbilt-affiliated people to host shows. However, given the very different student demographic and level of interest in the two stations, it’s difficult to make a comparison. But, it’s also obvious that WRVU wouldn’t be half as good as it is without the community DJs. They really add a lot to the programming, especially the diversity. But I happen to know many DJs who are current or former students and they have great taste in music, and also come out to support the local music scene, contrary to what many Cream commenters seem to think. I must digress before this post turns into a novel… the main purpose here is to make sure that you know about tonight’s WRVU benefit show at the End, featuring my new band POWERBRRRD, Vermicious K’nids, Westfolk, and Cheer Up Charlie Daniels. The show also serves as CUCD’s vinyl release show. Please do come out for the sheer sake of supporting the bands, if nothing else. Boycotting the show as some have suggested is childish and disrespectful to the bands. And honestly, the people behind the community DJ cap decision could probably care less if you boycott the benefit show. Furthermore, it will only deepen the divide that has developed between the local rock community and WRVU. So please do come out and support the bands at the very least.

And now to lighten your mood, go read Hipster Runoff’s musings about what it would be like working for Twitter. Then look at this stunningly beautiful and inspiring artwork for the new Gwar album Lust in Space. (Via Brooklyn Vegan)

So tonight is Janet Timmons’ birthday bash at the 5 Spot. Not only is there a cool lineup, but it’s also FREE, and I’m spinning hot jamz (as Burgers) before and between bands. Let it be known that My So-Called Band is a 90’s pop cover band made up of Dave Paulson (the Privates, ex-Pink Spiders), Keith Lowen (the Privates, Comfies, De Novo Dahl, lots of other good bands), and Sam Smith (current Ben Folds drummer, also from the Comfies). With that awesome lineup of awesomely talented musicians, this is going to be totally awesomely awesome. Did I mention it will be awesome? Oh and if you don’t know who Janet is, you should, because she hosts a great radio show on 91.1 WRVU called Out The Other. She’s also been appropriately dubbed “Nashville’s official local rock cheerleader.”

There are lots of good things going down this weekend, but I’m kinda tired and don’t have much time right now, so for a good list of shit to do, go check out the Nashville Cream’s weekend round-up post.

I hope to see you tonight, and have a great weekend!

If you know me at all you know that I will always be a huge Weezer fan. Rivers Cuomo and Kurt Cobain shaped my childhood more than you can imagine. Hell, I practically learned to play guitar by learning almost every song on the “Blue album” and Pinkerton. It’s widely accepted that Weezer has been in a downward spiral post-Pinkerton. This has been a difficult pill for me to swallow, but I accept that they’ll never be what they used to be. All that being said, they have a new song streaming on their website and it doesn’t totally suck. But I said the same thing about the song “Pork & Beans” from their last effort the “Red album.” P&B is about as close as they’ll ever get to the Blue/Pinkerton-era sound, but the rest of that album was basically just as bad as Make Believe. I hope this is not the case with this next record, but at this point my philosophy for new Weezer material is “hope for the best, but expect the worst.” Seriously though, this new song “I Want You To” is worth a listen, at the very least. Stream it at their website.

21awymaNext Big Nashville is quickly approaching and it’s definitely time to buy your wristband or VIP badge. The pre-sale is already over, and ticket prices will only continue to rise as it gets closer. Go the website and order yours now! A partial lineup has been released and it includes some seriously heavy-hitters. Here are just a few:

Jemina Pearl
David Vandervelde
The Protomen
American Bang
Madi Diaz
How I Became the Bomb
Colour Revolt
The Non-Commissioned Officers
Mikky Ekko
Jeremy Lister
Cortney Tidwell
Caitlin Rose
Pico Vs Island Trees
The Clutters

The Scene had some glitches with their database, but they finally have the photobooth pics from the Nashville Cream party up. Check ’em out: Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s been a while since I mentioned Hipster Runoff. I highly recommend reading Carles’ take on the apparently resurgent trend of “sagging.”

Here’s an interesting chart showing the frequency of the most common elements/objects featured on the cover of fantasy books. Of course swords are in the lead, but I’m quite surprised that unicorns are dead last…. (Via Snarkmarket)

RIP Stacy Fleeman and Ted Kennedy.

CREAM-BDAY_FP_081809_M1WEBAs I mentioned earlier this week, the biggest event you should be concerned about this weekend is the Nashville Cream’s 3rd birthday bash at Mercy Lounge. The Features are headlining and will be playing mostly, if not all, new songs. Also playing are Kindercastle and The Billy Goats. I’ll be doing a photobooth, there will be lots of prizes to be won, free screen-printed show posters, and there will be a limited amount of free food to be had. All this for a a measly $5? How could you possibly say no? The thing I’m most excited about is hearing new Features songs. Props to Boss Construction for the posters.

Speaking of the Scene, Tracy Moore has a cover story in this week’s issue on Caitlin Rose, Tristen, and Those Darlins. It’s a great read and I strongly suggest you pick up a copy if you haven’t.

This isn’t related to the rest of the items in this post, but definitely worth mentioning- James Cameron’s new 3D sci-fi/fantasy film Avatar will hit theaters this December, and the first trailer was released through Apple yesterday. Go watch it in HD at Apple website. Your eyes will thank you.

In some much more depressing news, I was extremely saddened Wednesday to find out that the End’s doorman Stacy Fleeman is in the hospital on life support. He was found unresponsive, then put into a medically-induced coma which he then came out of, but apparently has little to no brain activity. Stacy is one of the good ones. He’s one of the kindest people I’ve met in Nashville and is a tireless supporter of the music scene. His label Spat! Records is just now starting to become financially successful and now this… it’s absolutely tragic. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. We should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Getting caught up on life after a week-long vacation is quite a task, and unfortunately this blog has been low on the list of things on which to get caught up.

I’ll have a link to some photos from Yellowstone, South Dakota, and all the other cool western places we visited soon. Again, editing these photos is not at the top of my priority list. I have lots of work stuff at Vandy this week so I won’t have the usual few minutes of spare time to browse my RSS feeds.

That being said… here are some great things that have been happening with the awesome Nashville music scene lately. You’ve probably already seen most of these, especially if you read Nashville Cream, but these tidbits deserve posting!

My favorite band from our fine Music City, The Features, were Paste Magazine‘s band of the week this week. Ever since they signed to Kings of Leon imprint Bug Music, they’ve been popping up all over the national radar. For a band that has been making such amazing music for so many years, it feels incredibly good to see them getting some of the recognition they deserve. In my opinion they should be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, and sell millions of records and tour the world opening for Paul McCartney, but that’s just the superfan coming out in me. (Via Nashville Cream)

Itll make you cream.

It'll make you cream.

In other Cream news, the blog we all love so dearly for its cantankerous commentators is turning 3 years old this coming weekend. As they’ve done the past 2 years, they’re celebrating with a superb show at the Mercy Lounge this saturday. Headlining will be none other than The Features, and supporting acts will be Kindercastle and The Billy Goats. I will be there doing a photobooth as I’ve at the past two. It costs $5, which is really a steal considering the lineup and all the free stuff and prizes you can enter to win. Seriously, it’s the only place to be this Saturday!

Ok, so I’ve raved and raved about The Features, but it’s well-deserved. The final bit of Features awesomeness comes from our great friends at Lake Fever Productions and Tugboat Productions, who have been churning out great videos of their live sessions called Lake Fever Sessions. So far they’ve done a ton of great videos of artists both local and national, including Cursive, The Privates, Those Darlins, and many more. Here’s a personal fave, the 1-2 punch of Whatever Gets You By/The Drawing Board. Even more exciting is that they have another one in the can to be released later this fall. It’s a version of their classic show-closer “Thursday” featuring gang vocals by a number of local musicians/etc… These videos really reminded me why I love this band so much. Something about the way it was filmed, the intimacy of the live recording, and the unusually flowery decor just really hit the spot.

Last night’s 90’s cover night at Mercy Lounge was one of the funnest nights I’ve had in quite some time. It was every bit as awesome as the other decades cover nights, but a bit more nostalgic for me because most of my formative years occurred during the 90’s. Please go check out this Nashville Cream post for several video clips, and check out Simon’s youtube for a video of us playing Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” to close out the night. Be sure to watch all the way to the end and catch Brandon’s epic stage dive right into the camera. The official Spin review with pics by Tanya Wright (I didn’t shoot since I was playing) can be found here.

io9 has a post with tons of great imagery from Tron: Legacy.

The official trailer for Disney/Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is now out. If there was ever a story that screamed for Tim Burton to direct its inevitable trip to the live-action big screen, it’s Alice In Wonderland. And of course Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter. Who else? Watch and get excited. Let’s hope it’s not a let-down. (Via Kottke)