BFF tonight/new Weezer video

October 23, 2009

Obviously my main top priority today is plugging my DJ/dance event BFF, which returns to Mad Donna’s tonight at 10pm. I’ll be spinning some hot jamz along with pals Potamus and Fats. They’re both rad DJs as well, so a good time is guaranteed. Fan Fiction is sitting this one out to celebrate his bday at another event, but he’ll be back in full force for the 3rd BFF, which is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 20th (my bday!) Some please do come out to the east side tonight and dance the night away. As if Fats isn’t reason enough to get there early, I’ll also buy a drink for the person who brings the biggest “posse” and arrives before 11pm. Seriously, I will honor that! Mad Donna’s is on Woodland, just a block past five points, and it’s FREE if you’re over 21, $3 if you’re 18-20. Also, if you haven’t heard any of my mixes before, I suggest you start with the October mix I did for Justin Kase’s blog, Blogging Is Serious Business.

Weezer has a new album coming out next week, and the first single (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To also has a snazzy video which debuted yesterday at Babelgum. I’ll just link to it because I’m pretty sure it’s no embeddable on WordPress. But seriously, this is probably the best song they’ve released in several years (enough to make me buy the album… probably) and the video is actually quite entertaining. The styling is very visually pleasing, and it has a hilarious “bros before hos” storyline, not mention that it stars Odette Yustman. Check it out now. (Via Stereogum)

Now for some pure mindless entertainment. Why on Earth would you want to blow an anvil 200 feet into the air? Because it’s fucking awesome, that’s why. Meet Gay Wilkinson, world champion anvil shooter:

Have a great weekend, and hopefully I’ll see you tonight at BFF!

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