A Few Good Shows: 8/17/12

August 17, 2012

Prepare to see some good shows this weekend- Nashville’s rock clubs are full of both local (East Nashville Underground!) and touring goodness. Here are some shows that piqued my interest.


Caitlin Rose, Andrew Combs, and Dirt Heavy @ The Basement. 9pm $10 21+

East Nashville Underground night 1 ft. Chancellor Warhol, Blackfoot Gypsies, Sex Bombs, Roots of a Rebellion, The Joy of Painting, and Kim Logan @ The East Room. This venue is new to me, but it appears to be in or near Matty’s Alley. Address is 2412 Gallatin Rd. $12 nightly wristbands/$20 full weekend wristbands which includes free drinks. More info on facebook.

QDP @ The 5 Spot. 9pm


Cio Cio San & The Half-Japanese Girls (my Weezer cover band), Foxcore (Sleater-Kinney covers), How Cozy! and Calicocat @ The End. 9pm $5

East Nashville Underground night 2 ft. Fly Golden Eagle, Oh No No, H-Beam, Hello Kelly, Mr. Jitters, and The Young International @ The East Room. $12 nightly wristbands/$20 full weekend wristbands which includes free drinks. More info on facebook. ENU also has a day party from 1-7pm- check that info here.

Archers of Loaf @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $18

Ttotals, Dirty Dreams, and Gangly Youth @ Brick Factory. 9pm $5??


Shonen Knife, White Mystery, and Heavy Cream @ Exit/In. 9pm $10

Sunday School presents Honey Locust, the Hardin Draw, and Copper into Steel @ The End. 8pm FREE

Pardon me for the shameless self-promotion here, but there’s a great show this Saturday happening at The End and I’m proud to be part of it. My Weezer cover band, Cio Cio San & The Half-Japanese Girls, is playing, along with Foxcore (a Sleater-Kinney tribute ft. members of Heavy Cream and Take The Power Back), Calicocat, and How Cozy!. I believe Foxcore will also be covering some That Dog songs. CCS&THJG formed over a year ago as a one-off project to play a benefit show for Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp, but it was much fun that we decided to keep doing it every now & then just for fun. I basically learned to play guitar by learning Weezer songs, so this is possibly one of the funnest things I’ve ever been a part of. We will play last, but please come early and support all the bands on the bill. And if you’re heading to the Archers of Loaf show at Mercy Lounge, why not pop on over to The End afterward and fuel the already burning 90s nostalgia buzz you’ll have going? The AOL show will no doubt be over by 1130ish, and we will probably go on around midnight, so come on over afterward and belt out El Scorcho with us!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/394449223943974/

Back in May I formed a Weezer cover band to play at a benefit show for the Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp. Mikey Owen, Jesse Baker, Laura Taylor and I had so much fun doing it that we decided to keep doing it. Thus, we decided to call it Cio Cio San & The Half-Japanese Girls, and we have our first show since the SGRRC benefit tonight at Melrose Billiards. We’ve expanded our setlist to include 11 Weezer classics from the Blue Album, Pinkerton, and a few B-sides & rarities from that era. Let’s just face it- very little that Weezer has done since 1997 is worth a shit, so we don’t even bother with it. Our friend Clint Wilson (of Frank the Fuck Out) has a new band called Dead Legs, and they’ll be opening for us. Jesse mentioned a third band that will be playing after us, but their name escapes me. (Sorry other band, if you’re reading this.)

So come out tonight and enjoy some nostalgia. Starts at 9:30pm, it’s FREE to get in, and you gotta be 21.

Some cool/cute videos

February 9, 2010

You’re no doubt going to be spending a lot of your internet time today following the “great unveiling” of the Bonnaroo 2010 lineup, and I have little interest in competing with that. Furthermore, I don’t have time to cover such a long, drawn-out process in the first place because this blog happens during small breaks, luls, and at lunch during my “real” job. According to the main Bonnaroo website, the place to keep up with the lineup unveiling (which is entirely up to the artists themselves this year) is Bonnaroo’s myspace page. They will start keeping tabs of the announcements at noon EST today. As of 10am the only artists I’ve seen are Weezer, Flaming Lips, Phoenix (weird because Bonnaroo doesn’t normally book acts 2 years in a row), John Fogerty, Jeff Beck, and Blues Traveler. That last one gave me a major flashback to watching Woodstock ’94 coverage when I was 13….

So, instead of focusing on the Bonnaroo craziness, I will simply post some interesting cute videos thanks to Yewknee’d:

Very cool time-lapse video of the snowfall in Washington, D.C. this past weekend:

A dog reacting to the Law & Order theme song: (Many many more here.)

Image Via Here On The Road

The small but very active local music collective known as Holly House recently participated in a project with American Songwriter Magazine called “On My Deathbed.” The gear contest asks a band or artist to pick the last song they’d want to hear if they were on their deathbed. Morbid, I know… but the results are pretty phenomenal. Each band/artist learned the song they chose and recorded them in Eli Beaird’s basement in a 7 hour session. Please head over the HH website and grab these free tracks. You won’t regret it. And The Relatives did Townes Van Zandt’s Be Here to Love Me, Caitlin Rose did Jimmie Davis’ You Are My Sunshine, Shoot The Mountain did Neutral Milk Hotel’s In An Aeroplane Over The Sea, Eureka Gold did The Kinks’ I Go to Sleep, and Tristen did Skeeter Davis’ On and On and On.

If you know me, then you know that Weezer basically saved my life as a teenager. I learned to play guitar by learning most of Blue and Pinkerton. Nerds everywhere owe their recent rise in popularity to Rivers Cuomo. Everyone also knows that everything they’ve done since Pinkerton has been an uncontrollable downward spiral. Amidst the ridiculous album cover and the even more ridiculous collaborations, their new album Raditude has some respectable songs in its tracklist. If Weezer lost 100 points with me over the past 4 albums, they’ve gained about 10 of them back with this album…. perhaps it’s the fact that they utilized the skills of a few outside songwriters. Oddly enough, the lead single (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To is actually my favorite track. I found the A.V. Club’s review to agree almost 100% with my sentiments about the album.

You’ve probably already read about Heypenny’s Q&A session with the UK music magazine Q at the Nashville Cream by now (if not, check it out now), but I just want to point out how awesome it is that they talked so highly of our non-country music scene. Ben Elkins really went out of his way to cram as much praise as he could into the space he had, and I think that’s totally rad. I’ll be totally honest, they aren’t my favorite local band, but they’re damn good at what they do and they’re also damn good at being a positive force in a scene that can sometimes seem so snarky and apathetic that it may just self-implode. When I read stuff like this, I’m re-assured that’s never going to happen.

Obviously my main top priority today is plugging my DJ/dance event BFF, which returns to Mad Donna’s tonight at 10pm. I’ll be spinning some hot jamz along with pals Potamus and Fats. They’re both rad DJs as well, so a good time is guaranteed. Fan Fiction is sitting this one out to celebrate his bday at another event, but he’ll be back in full force for the 3rd BFF, which is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 20th (my bday!) Some please do come out to the east side tonight and dance the night away. As if Fats isn’t reason enough to get there early, I’ll also buy a drink for the person who brings the biggest “posse” and arrives before 11pm. Seriously, I will honor that! Mad Donna’s is on Woodland, just a block past five points, and it’s FREE if you’re over 21, $3 if you’re 18-20. Also, if you haven’t heard any of my mixes before, I suggest you start with the October mix I did for Justin Kase’s blog, Blogging Is Serious Business.

Weezer has a new album coming out next week, and the first single (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To also has a snazzy video which debuted yesterday at Babelgum. I’ll just link to it because I’m pretty sure it’s no embeddable on WordPress. But seriously, this is probably the best song they’ve released in several years (enough to make me buy the album… probably) and the video is actually quite entertaining. The styling is very visually pleasing, and it has a hilarious “bros before hos” storyline, not mention that it stars Odette Yustman. Check it out now. (Via Stereogum)

Now for some pure mindless entertainment. Why on Earth would you want to blow an anvil 200 feet into the air? Because it’s fucking awesome, that’s why. Meet Gay Wilkinson, world champion anvil shooter:

Have a great weekend, and hopefully I’ll see you tonight at BFF!

If you know me at all you know that I will always be a huge Weezer fan. Rivers Cuomo and Kurt Cobain shaped my childhood more than you can imagine. Hell, I practically learned to play guitar by learning almost every song on the “Blue album” and Pinkerton. It’s widely accepted that Weezer has been in a downward spiral post-Pinkerton. This has been a difficult pill for me to swallow, but I accept that they’ll never be what they used to be. All that being said, they have a new song streaming on their website and it doesn’t totally suck. But I said the same thing about the song “Pork & Beans” from their last effort the “Red album.” P&B is about as close as they’ll ever get to the Blue/Pinkerton-era sound, but the rest of that album was basically just as bad as Make Believe. I hope this is not the case with this next record, but at this point my philosophy for new Weezer material is “hope for the best, but expect the worst.” Seriously though, this new song “I Want You To” is worth a listen, at the very least. Stream it at their website.

21awymaNext Big Nashville is quickly approaching and it’s definitely time to buy your wristband or VIP badge. The pre-sale is already over, and ticket prices will only continue to rise as it gets closer. Go the website and order yours now! A partial lineup has been released and it includes some seriously heavy-hitters. Here are just a few:

Jemina Pearl
David Vandervelde
The Protomen
American Bang
Madi Diaz
How I Became the Bomb
Colour Revolt
The Non-Commissioned Officers
Mikky Ekko
Jeremy Lister
Cortney Tidwell
Caitlin Rose
Pico Vs Island Trees
The Clutters

The Scene had some glitches with their database, but they finally have the photobooth pics from the Nashville Cream party up. Check ’em out: Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s been a while since I mentioned Hipster Runoff. I highly recommend reading Carles’ take on the apparently resurgent trend of “sagging.”

Here’s an interesting chart showing the frequency of the most common elements/objects featured on the cover of fantasy books. Of course swords are in the lead, but I’m quite surprised that unicorns are dead last…. (Via Snarkmarket)

RIP Stacy Fleeman and Ted Kennedy.

It’s been far too long since I mentioned Zooey Deschanel on this blog. Thus I bring to you a new cotton advertisement featuring the beloved actress/songstress, via Videogum:

One of the bands that literally shaped my formative years was Weezer. Subsequently, I am also a fan of former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp’s project The Rentals. They formed in 1994 and released two albums, but had a large gap in activity until about 2 years ago when they came out with a new EP and did a couple of tours with a revamped lineup. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but getting to see them live twice was totally rad. I saw them in Atlanta with Ozma, and again here in Nashville at City Hall (now Urban Outfitters). See more pics from that show on my flickr here. RCRD LBL features a download from the first installment of their new multi-media project called Songs About Time. The project also includes a photo series by Matt and a bunch of short films.

Speaking of RCRD LBL, I noticed that they also have a download/blurb about local star-tangled indie rock lady Cortney Tidwell. It’s a track called “17 Horses” from her upcoming album Boys. (The download page incorrectly states that the track is from her previous album.)


Nashvillest posted a bunch of great links/ways to help victims of the Murfreesboro tornado that struck last Friday. Check it out.

This is both terrifying and fascinating. The stats for “since you started watching” really hit home. I’ve had the tab open for a good hour or so now- ~28,000 people born and ~11,500 people died. Population control will soon happen everywhere. It’s only a matter of time.

Vanderbilt’s Rites of Spring festival is happening this weekend. I’ll be there both days taking photos. Here’s the lineup/times:

Battle of the Bands: 3:20-3:40pm
Battle of the Bands: 4:00-4:20pm
Run With Bulls: 4:40-5:10pm
Blueskyreality: 5:30-6:00pm
K’NAAN: 6:20-7:05pm
Okkervil River: 7:25-8:10pm
Santigold: 8:30-9:10pm
Q-Tip: 9:30-10:30pm
T.I.: 11:00-12:00am

Pico vs. Island Trees: 3:20-3:50pm
Stardeath and White Dwarfs: 4:05-4:35pm
Erick Baker: 4:50-5:20pm
Sara Watkins: 5:40-6:10pm
Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears: 6:30-7:10pm
Grand Ole Party: 7:30-8:10pm
N.E.R.D.: 8:40-9:55pm
The Flaming Lips: 10:30-12:00am

I have to say that despite the horrific mess of driving through Knoxville yesterday, this year’s Thanksgiving break was a good one. Megan and I went back to east TN to visit my parents, and even got to go skiing wed. night after rushing to get there early enough. The snow was in good shape (for the southern Appalachians, at least) and we had a blast. Don’t get me wrong, skiing in NC or any where in the Appalachians doesn’t hold a candle to skiing in CO or anywhere in the rockies, but it’s better than nothing.

Today’s links:

Sharon Van Etten on RCRD LBL blog. I remember being served Red Stripe by her at the Red Rose in Murfreesboro years ago. She played at the Basement a few months ago and it took me a while to realize from where I recognized her. It’s awesome to see her getting some recogition in the blogosphere.

Weezer will be releasing an album of old recordings that “for some reason didn’t make the final cut” for their other albums. Very exciting. They can’t seem to put out anything new that’s worth more than a few listens on the way home from the record store, so the random old gems are gonna be the only way they can please the die-hard old school Weezer fans such as myself. Via Billboard.com:

On the heels of the release of the second volume of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s home recordings, the group is now taking a look back into its own vaults. Cuomo tells Billboard the tentatively titled “Odds and Ends” will feature “great songs” which “for some reason didn’t make the final cut” for an album.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour touched down at Edwards Air Force Base in California yesterday after thunderstorms and crosswinds at Kennedy Space Center caused NASA to use its backup landing plan.

This may be old news by now, but the fragments of the meteor that streaked across the Canadian skies last week have finally be located. Apparently it was a pretty big one weighing a few tons. Image via Universe Today.

University of Calgary graduate student Ellen Milley poses with a fragment of a meteorite in a small pond. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Geoff Howe

University of Calgary graduate student Ellen Milley poses with a fragment of a meteorite in a small pond. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Geoff Howe

An environmental activist is planning to sue world leaders for global warming via a class action lawsuit for $1 billion.