My birthday bash/3rd BFF tonight!

November 20, 2009

Only one thing worth mentioning today:

Come to the 3rd BFF tonight at Mad Donna’s! It’s doubling as my birthday bash (yes, I’ve been alive 28 years), and our special guest DJ is Makeup & Vanity Set (aka Matt Pusti, aka one of my all-time favorite electronic music artists). This is definitely one you don’t want to miss! Fan Fiction has returned to the lineup and will kick things off, with me (Burgers) in the middle, and MAVS closing things out. We’ll be going till last call so if you’re going to the Mountain Goats show, by all means, make BFF your official afterparty!

As it was last month, it’s FREE if you’re 21+, and $3 if you’re 18-20. Please do come.

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