WRVU benefit tonight/Gwar artwork

November 19, 2009

In case you’ve been under a rock lately, or are just utterly unfamiliar with Vanderbilt’s student radio station WRVU, there’s been a bit of a shitstorm recently regarding a new rule put in place by their governing body. In short, the board of directors for Vanderbilt Student Communications (which is a separate corporate entity from Vanderbilt) voted to cap the number of community DJs. Community DJs are ones who are not Vanderbilt students, faculty, staff, or alumni. Simply read some of the comments at the Nashville Cream post if you’re unfamiliar. I simply do not have enough knowledge of the situation to form a firm opinion, but I am pretty disgusted at how nasty some of the comments on that post were. It’s horrible that members of our local music scene resorted to name-calling and personal attacks, though I do understand where their anger comes from. Personally, the most I can opine on the matter is to say that the number limit should not be on the overall number of community DJs, but rather the number of shows/time slots given to community DJs. Also, as a former DJ at 88.3 WMTS (MTSU’s student station) which had no community DJs at all, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to limit the amount of community DJ involvement. I’ve always thought that our local music scene/community was lucky to have college radio station that allowed non Vanderbilt-affiliated people to host shows. However, given the very different student demographic and level of interest in the two stations, it’s difficult to make a comparison. But, it’s also obvious that WRVU wouldn’t be half as good as it is without the community DJs. They really add a lot to the programming, especially the diversity. But I happen to know many DJs who are current or former students and they have great taste in music, and also come out to support the local music scene, contrary to what many Cream commenters seem to think. I must digress before this post turns into a novel… the main purpose here is to make sure that you know about tonight’s WRVU benefit show at the End, featuring my new band POWERBRRRD, Vermicious K’nids, Westfolk, and Cheer Up Charlie Daniels. The show also serves as CUCD’s vinyl release show. Please do come out for the sheer sake of supporting the bands, if nothing else. Boycotting the show as some have suggested is childish and disrespectful to the bands. And honestly, the people behind the community DJ cap decision could probably care less if you boycott the benefit show. Furthermore, it will only deepen the divide that has developed between the local rock community and WRVU. So please do come out and support the bands at the very least.

And now to lighten your mood, go read Hipster Runoff’s musings about what it would be like working for Twitter. Then look at this stunningly beautiful and inspiring artwork for the new Gwar album Lust in Space. (Via Brooklyn Vegan)

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  1. Annie Says:

    Thanks for this, Steve.

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