New Silver Seas/weekend shows

April 30, 2010

First of all, I apologize for a lack of posts this week. The first half of the week I was just being lazy, and the latter half I’ve been stricken with a wicked cold. But I’m doing much better today.

A few years ago when I had a radio show on 88.3 WMTS Murfreesboro, I did an interview with Daniel Tashian of The Silver Seas (who were then known as The Bees U.S.). They had just released a wonderful album called High Society, but since the release of that album they’ve kept a somewhat low profile. Now they’re finally gearing up the release of their next album Chateau Revenge, and you can actually order the album now in digital version only. The CD version will release July 6th. Though I haven’t heard the full album yet, you can stream snippets of the songs on their official website for the release. They’ve also released one track, called The Best Things In Life, for free. This song is simply pop perfection… I don’t know what else to say. In my humble opinion, it’s a perfectly executed, perfectly produced pop song. It was stuck in my head literally after the very first time I listened to it. The polished production fits perfectly with the songwriting style, and never crosses into “over-produced” territory. A full review of this record may come in a later post, but for now snag the mp3 below and put it on repeat. (Via We Own This Town)

The Silver Seas-The Best Things In Life

There are lots of good shows happening in Nashville this weekend, here are a few that stuck out to me:

Friday: Local Natives and Sucker @ The Basement; Treasure Fingers w/ Coach, Hands Off Sam, and Potamus @ Mai. (Treasure Fingers is effing amazing, if you into electronic/dance music at all, don’t miss this show!)

Saturday: Pretty Lights @ Limelight

Sunday: Avid Gardener, How Cozy!, Day Kids, Pharmacy Spirits, Conestyle, and Deluxin’ @ Little Hamilton.

Have great weekend!

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