My man Justin Katerberg has been steadily growing his Vitalic Noise Agency the past couple of years, but it seems that few people really know what Vitalic Noise does, beyond the blog. Well I’ll just tell you what came straight from the horse’s mouth:

Realizing that the majority of people still to this day have no idea what Vitalic Noise does, we couldn’t think of any other way to properly showcase the artists that we are working with than to set up a DJ rig and pushed record on a short tracklist of both artists signed to Vitalic Noise and a few other acts that we hold close to our heart. Did it work? I guess that part is up to you – love it or hate it, we would be ever so thankful if you were to share it with your friends.

Currently we represent, as either management or booking agents:

Fare Soldi
Justin Faust
Edwin Van Cleef
Moonlight Matters
Geisha Twins
FM Attack

So there you have it. Quite an impressive and ever-growing roster. Check out the mixtape on soundcloud:

Ladies and gentlemen, Charles Park III from our man Makeup & Vanity Set has arrived. It will be your Halloween 2011 soundtrack. It can be purchased tomorrow (10/27) but you can stream it all now via his soundcloud. Or below. Words seem meaningless in comparison to simply giving this thing a listen. Only then will you understand. Clearly I am biased because I love this dude, but it’s the TRUTH. Everything he’s done is utter badassery.


If you didn’t know already, I participated in the final (probably) chapter of Moustache May, the annual celebration of the follicle curated by local web design wizard Michael Eades (aka Yewknee). It was bittersweet to see such a ridiculous and awesome thing come to an end, and honestly I’m torn between shaving mine off and attempting to grow it out longer just to see if it can be tamed into a nice handlebar. That could possibly take another month or so of growth, so we’ll just have to see if I can hold out. To be quite honest, a lot of people stigmatize an ordinary moustache as “creepy” or otherwise undesirable. But I feel that a well waxed/curled handlebar sets its bearer apart as much classier. The above video is a mock movie trailer created by several of the “core” MM participants… or at least those around Nashville who have been a participant for many years. It’s quite hilarious and well worth a watch.

A few random music tidbits I felt like mentioning:

SebastiAn just released his first full-length album, titled Total. I hate to make this comparison but it can’t be avoided- if you liked Justice’s 2008 album Cross, you will like this album. It’s really fucking good. Thick, juicy, sexy, filtered-French-sample-funk/electro.

Stacked is a mix by Royal Sapien that somehow crams 300 tracks into one hour. I had it going in the background for a bit and it’s just that- very background-y. But the feat of fitting/mashing 300 tracks into one hour alone is worth mentioning. (Via Harder Blogger Faster)

-Speaking of DJ-related things. I may or may not have mentioned on here the fate of my La Paz Late Night series. Basically I’ve decided that space is cursed. No restaurants can seem to find success there and neither can any DJ nights, despite its great location and swanky interior. I don’t have the means to promote a huge multi-sponsor event and that’s what the owner wanted. So, I’m talking to some people involved with a thing that seems like it’ll be pretty badass, but I don’t want to jinx it, so that’s all I’m saying for now. Stay tuned.

At some point recently, and I can’t for the life of me remember where/when, I recall hearing Brandon Jazz referred to as Nashville’s own local male version of Ke$ha. That’s surprisingly accurate, I say. Hell, his latest song “X-Ray Eyes” is actually about her. (Download it at the Cream, it’s a damn good song.) Mr. Jazz has proven himself to be quite the self-promoter, and while his “look at me!!!” style of attention-grabbing annoys the hell out of some, I find it quite amusing. Furthermore, if you have a good ‘ol sit-down with him, you’ll find that he’s actually a really nice dude. Sure, his band used to suck. Really bad. But one Ryan Truso (of the now-defunct Mean Tambourines) saw some honest raw talent in him, took him under his wing, taught him how to sing, and now we have a string of infectious pop gems such as “Radical Luv,” “Vultures (You Never Shut Up),” and most recently “X-Ray Eyes.”

The 7″ pressing of “Radical Luv” was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, and part of the funds from said campaign went to MusiCares. Tonight’s 8 off 8th at Mercy Lounge is doubling as the official release show for the 7″, and features a cast of great local bands including Heartbeater, Loose Cougar, DJ sets by Coach, and many more. Admission is free, but $5 gets you a copy of the 7″, and $20 gets you an amazing Radical Luv T-shirt. Just go. What have you got to loose?

Tonight also marks the official release of the “Vultures” remix EP. Mr. Jazz enlisted DPAUL, Justin Kase, myself (BURGERS), and a few others to remix the track. The remix EP will be available digitally on the Armed Forces bandcamp page tomorrow. I’ve also been told it’ll be on iTunes. For a limited time, though, you can grab my BURGERS remix right here:

The Armed Forces-Vultures (BURGERS REMIX)

Enjoy it in all of its Moog-tastic glory.

It’s here, it’s hotttt. The official Burgers Summer 2010 Mixxxx. I’ve started using soundcloud, so just use the widget below to listen and/or download! (If the widget isn’t working click here to go to the soundcloud page.)

Summer2010Mixxxx by IamBurgers

Here’s the tracklisting:

Kamei-Computer Malfunction
Uffie Ft. Pharrel-ADD SUV (Armand Van Helden RMX)
Aston Shuffle-Don’t Wanna See You (DCUP RMX)
Treasure Fingers-What Am I Supposed To Do
Florrie-Panic Attack (Bit Funk RMX)
Ocelot-Beating Hearts (Blende Extended Mix)
Light Year-Motor Booty
Donna Summer-Bad Girls (Sonicc RMX)
Hazel & Entyce-In Da Club (Fukkk Offf RMX)
Bag Raiders Ft. Donnis-All The Girls
Holy Ghost!-Say My Name (U Tern RMX)
Hussle Club-Loose Tights (HS or Beat RMX)

First of all, I apologize for a lack of posts this week. The first half of the week I was just being lazy, and the latter half I’ve been stricken with a wicked cold. But I’m doing much better today.

A few years ago when I had a radio show on 88.3 WMTS Murfreesboro, I did an interview with Daniel Tashian of The Silver Seas (who were then known as The Bees U.S.). They had just released a wonderful album called High Society, but since the release of that album they’ve kept a somewhat low profile. Now they’re finally gearing up the release of their next album Chateau Revenge, and you can actually order the album now in digital version only. The CD version will release July 6th. Though I haven’t heard the full album yet, you can stream snippets of the songs on their official website for the release. They’ve also released one track, called The Best Things In Life, for free. This song is simply pop perfection… I don’t know what else to say. In my humble opinion, it’s a perfectly executed, perfectly produced pop song. It was stuck in my head literally after the very first time I listened to it. The polished production fits perfectly with the songwriting style, and never crosses into “over-produced” territory. A full review of this record may come in a later post, but for now snag the mp3 below and put it on repeat. (Via We Own This Town)

The Silver Seas-The Best Things In Life

There are lots of good shows happening in Nashville this weekend, here are a few that stuck out to me:

Friday: Local Natives and Sucker @ The Basement; Treasure Fingers w/ Coach, Hands Off Sam, and Potamus @ Mai. (Treasure Fingers is effing amazing, if you into electronic/dance music at all, don’t miss this show!)

Saturday: Pretty Lights @ Limelight

Sunday: Avid Gardener, How Cozy!, Day Kids, Pharmacy Spirits, Conestyle, and Deluxin’ @ Little Hamilton.

Have great weekend!

One of the most well-kown DJs in Nashville’s dance/electronic music scene right now is DJ Coach (aka Jeremy Todd). He formed the now huge weekly Sat. dance night “Coach Vs Kase” (now called Y2K) with Ke$ha live DJ Justin Kase at 12th and Porter, and has kept that going strong for over a year. He also spins regularly at Mai, Happy Valley, and Swag in Murfreesboro. He just released his summer mixtape “Take-Out Vol. 2” to the masses, and you should grab it now. It’s smooth and warm, just like a summer night…

Download: Coach- Take-Out Vol. 2

In my post yesterday about Treasure Fingers, I made the horrible mistake of forgetting to mention that he’ll be coming through Nashville on tour later this month. On Fri. April 30th he’ll be spinning at Mai, with Coach, Hands off Sam, and Potamus opening. Tickets can be purchased here. I may be mistaken, but I think the last time he played here was a Buddytown party at the Trace. My how things have changed…

While all the early-adopters are creaming over the iPad, Google is apparently prepping it’s own tablet PC, which could prove to be formidable rival for the iPad. It will likely run the Android OS but little else is know about it. (Via Gizmodo)

In other gadget news, Microsoft is about gain some ground in the battle against Apple… if their new Windows phone 7 and “Kin” phone are as awesome as they appear to be. The new Windows mobile platform is a total overhaul of their lame older versions, and is a VAST improvement. It’s expected to be out on mobile devices late this year. (More on Windows 7 phone at Engadget) The Kin phone is a version of Windows 7 phone that is centered specifically on social media. Basically it’s aimed directly at hipsters who have iPhones. Stealing hipsters away from Apple products seems like a futile endeavor, but it just might be possible. More on the Kin at Live Science)

I spent some time on this one, maybe too much time. But here it is: the DJ Burgers Spring 2010 Mixxxx. Sorry about the mildly ridiculous artwork. I’m still not sure if it’s terrifying or hilarious.


Breakbot-Baby I’m Yours (Ft. Irfane)
Gorillaz-Stylo (Alex Metric RMX)
WebQueary-Searching (Mam RMX)
Nighty Max-Treehouse
Yeasayer-O.N.E. (XXXChange RMX)
Classixx-I’ll Get You (Treasure Fingers RMX)
GMGN-On My Mind
In Flagranti-Exexex (Golden Bug RMX)
Oh Shit!/Night Drugs-Everybody Needs (Night Drugs Re-edit)
Cassian-Friday Night
Makeup & Vanity Set-Falcon Force
Major Lazer-Call Mi (Dave Kelley’s Hold the Line RMX)
Timbaland ft. SoShy-Mornin After Dark (Wolfgang Gartner RMX)
A-Trak/Drake/Birdman-Loonies to Blow
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s-Heads Will Roll (A-Trak RMX)
Fake Blood-I Think I Like It

There are hot newbies in there as well as some “older” tracks. (A year is officially old in the world of bloghouse…) Spread the word if you dig, don’t if you don’t. Book me to spin at your party. I haven’t played out in a while. And thanks to Joseph/Fan Fiction of Nashville Nights (which is currently down because Blogger sucks) for posting so many awesome tracks.

Here we go: the first official artist interview on my little corner of the web. With his self-titled 3rd album coming out on March 16th and an album release show at the End March 14th, Makeup & Vanity Set made the perfect first interviewee.

SCLMS: Not get too cliche, but what piqued your interest in electronic music waaay back when?
MAVS: To be totally honest, it had a lot to do with the fact that I was just really into trying to figure out how to make the sounds. I can remember pretty vividly hearing songs back in the day as a young Putay, and just thinking ‘How do you make that?’ I really just wanted to find out how you could make music without the conventional methods of actual sounds and microphones. Electronic music was always this big mystery to me. Not a lot of people particularly cared about the genre where I grew up. It seemed sort of taboo. I guess in a way that also attracted me. It was different. I remember making super early jams with computers and putting them on tapes and handing them off to, like, my band teachers; they didn’t really have much to say about it. I think back then I was just excited about discovery.

SCLMS: When I first met you in college at MTSU, I remember you were making fairly experimental/unstructured/blippy/glitchy material, much like your current side project DAAS. Then suddenly Makeup & Vanity Set was born circa 2003, and I remember seeing you open for the Protomen at one of their 1st Boro shows and thinking “whoa! Pusti got all dance-tastic all of a sudden!” Then for several years you continued to push the more structured/dancey MAVS material, until last year when DAAS was born. What was going through your mind and what drove your transitions between styles between 2003 and now?
MAVS: The other day I was cleaning some stuff out of my house and I found the original piece of notebook paper from the class that I had with Cal where he drew the Protomen logo for the very first website we made. It all filled in with BIC ink pen. Like you can just picture him not paying any attention to class and just doodling this thing that ended up being a giant part of our lives for the next ten years. I basically started making New Order-y songs and recording bass guitar over them and sending them to Cal around that time. We were planning on recording some songs together. I would send him other stuff too. The other stuff wound up being Aesthetically Speaking. Cal wound up pretty much forcing me to open for them at the Boro because they needed another band to open and I think Cal was terrified of the selection of Boro bands at that point, so it was me. And I had never played a show by myself ever before that point. Makeup and Vanity Set, the name, was a joke about me not wanting to do it, really. The ski mask was me trying to haphazardly compete with the theatrics of the Protomen. The first ski mask belonged to my friend Norman Teale, who gave it to me before moving to Oakland. It seemed like an odd parting gift at the time.

SCLMS: What was your take on the success of Justice/the rise of bloghouse circa 2007? Because you were totally doing that shit way before they got famous with it.
MAVS: I think bloghouse is sorta mostly dead. I think it’s becoming a lot of other things. The best thing about bloghouse is that it literally reinvented the way that people get famous with electronic music. It allowed musicians to make jams faster, get them out faster, and operate in a much more compact way, which is awesome. At school, they used to always talk about how the rise of pro-level studio gear in people’s bedrooms is going to give rise to people making hit records with nothing. That’s a bunch of crap; no one is going to make Queen albums in their basement. It absolutely applies to electro music though. For the record, I used to compress the shit out of my songs simply because I didn’t know what I was doing and it made the drums sound tougher. That doesn’t really equate to Justice, but it does make really loud crazy 8 bit songs, almost ten years ago. For real.

SCLMS: People used to talk about how you made music in MS-DOS, by writing code. No visual interfaces, no linear sequencing, no keys to hit, just writing code to make a song. Is that totally true? If it is, can I eat some of your brain?
I used to get all wonky with Trackers back in the day. It’s not really code, but it is super nerdy. You would hit keys, but they were computer keys. It’s funny because a lot of the stuff that comes out now is so branched out of that. It’s not even funny.

SCLMS: What’s your take/philosophy on the live performance of electronic music?
MAVS: Playing live is interesting. It can be really painful. I’ve played shows where I’m pretty bored with it. It’s more technical than anything else, so after a few songs, if the crowd isn’t into it, you start feeling like you’re standing up there doing a power point presentation. I’ve always hated stages. I like being down on the floor with people. It feels better. I think I got really lucky by having a bunch of super awesome friends who would come to my shows and dance like crazy and fire strobe lights and smoke machines, and tear up baguettes with their shirts off, etc. My friends have made it so much easier to cope with.

SCLMS: What do you think of dubstep?
MAVS: I really hope it isn’t the next big deal. It’s been around for a while overseas, so it makes sense that all of the sudden it’s super big here, but I honestly get kinda bored with it. I remember as a kid, loaning my copy of Homework to a friend, who copied it to cassette in his bedroom while we were at school, and he came home to find out his Mom shut it off. He asked her why and she goes ‘Well, it was skipping.’ I think electronic music is moving into this super next level A.D.D. mode where the little motifs are getting shorter and the changes and craziness are getting faster and the whole thing is just pushing forward. When I want to hear something new, I usually just listen to whatever Oizo is doing.

SCLMS: Why do people like wobble bass? It basically sounds like a series of electronic farts most of the time, IMHO.
MAVS: I bet if it were called Fart Bass, people would like it less. Filters, man. People love filters. They just don’t know it.

SCLMS: What are your favorite style of jams to DJ?
Tough Jams.

So there you have it. Make sure to keep an eye on his official Bandcamp page to grab the new album, and if you’re in Nashville, you don’t want to miss the album release show at the End on March 14th with Magic Hammer, Anamanaguchi (NYC), Starscream, Sabrepulse, Henry Homesweet and a DJ set from our local beloved Penguin Parade (featuring 2 members of Left Can Dance). You can also buy a physical copy of the album at the release show. Meanwhile, here’s the track “Putay’s Back” to tide you over.

Makeup & Vanity Set-Putay’s Back

On a side note, it would be crazy to not mention that Devo has a new record coming out in May and they’ve released a free, legal mp3 of the song “Fresh” to the interwebs. Grab it at Nashville Nights! It actually kinda sounds like old-school Devo.

After some thinking, I have this to say about the Bonnaroo 2010 lineup: 1/2 good, 1/2 FAIL. Part of it is just my personal taste, but part of it is just plain WTF?

First the bad part: the headliners. The combination of Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Kings of Leon, and Dave Matthews Band (the 1st 4 listed in the lineup, thus assumed to be headliners) is pretty weak compared to Phish/Springsteen, or Metallica/Pearl Jam, or The Police/Tool. As much as I hate Phish, they were a HUGE score for the festival last year, and IMO, they needed someone like the widely-rumored Paul Simon or Paul McCartney to really stand up the last few years. I don’t think Jay-Z, despite his legendary status in the hip hop world, can quite fill the shoes of past headliners. Stevie Wonder is awesome and I’m glad he’s playing but somehow I just don’t see him as quite headliner material. DMB has played Bonnaroo before, and of course will please the hippie crowd, but will also draw a considerable number of collar-poppin’ fratastic douchebags.

Now for the good part: the tent-playing (or maybe Which Stage-playing) mid-level indie acts. I’m more than elated to see She & Him, LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, Flaming Lips, Miike Snow, They Might Be Giants, OK Go, The Melvins, Neon Indian, and many more of the “indie rock” acts on the bill. Let’s just say that if I go to cover it for the Scene again this year, I will no doubt be spending most of my time in the tents.

In other lineup news, Vanderbilt’s Rites of Spring lineup came right on the heels of the Bonnaroo announcements, and the list is not surprising, though Phoenix and Passion Pit together make the lineup a tad bit stronger than past years, IMO. Headliners Ben Harper & the Relentless 7 and Drake fit right into the typical RoS formula of putting an up-and-coming rap star on one night, and a frat-pleasing, jam-ish act on the other. But this broad, please-all formula has worked well for the festival in the past, so I can’t blame them for doing what works. This ain’t no Pitchfork afterall.

As most Nasvhillians who pay any amount of attention to the local electronic/DJ scene already know, Justin Kase has been on the road for several months as a the DJ in Ke$ha’s backing band. He also ran a pretty cool, though sparingly updated blog called Blogging Is Serious Business. Sadly, though, he’s putting that blog on indefinite hiatus:

Touring kept me from updating recently, but now i just don’t have any interest to continue this blog. Never say never, but don’t expect anything new for some time to come.

What’s utterly flattering, though, is that he mentioned my blog, along with the obvious Nashville Nights, as an alternative for “your Nashville dancing fix…” Therefore, expect me to attempt to live up to that plug by bringing in a little more coverage of the DJ/electronic/dance scene beside my usual plugs for gigs at which I’m DJing. Don’t expect many mp3’s though, because A) Joseph at Nashville Nights has that very well-covered, and B) I don’t have the time or energy to devote to climbing the HypeMachine charts and getting labels/producers to send me shit to post. I will however, post a link to my last mix, just in case you missed it back in Dec. (Spring 2010 Mixxxx is currently in production for release next month.)

DJ Burgers-Winter 09 MIXXXX

Finally, I was excited to this nicely-done video of the Morning Benders performing/recording the track “Excuses” for Yours Truly with about 50 of their best musician friends crammed into the studio, Phil Spector-style. In fact, as the singer Chris Chu talks about in the interview segment, the song is a bit of a tribute to Spector and his “Wall of Sound” recording method. They even wrote a cute little letter to him which you can read at Yours Truly. Here’s the video. (All of this via Gorilla vs. Bear and Pitchfork)