Tex vs. Basil Marceaux dot com/weekend shows

November 5, 2010

First off, here’s what I think is good this weekend:


The Features, Tristen, Bows & Arrows @ 12th & Porter. 9pm. I swear I read somewhere that this is some kind of benefit show, but I can’t find any evidence of that now. Regardless this is an AMAZING lineup. I need not say a word about the Features- we all know they rule the universe. Tristen has gotten better and better every time I’ve seen her the past 3 years, and just when I think she couldn’t possibly be better, she is. Speaking of getting better- Bows & Arrows are now totally awesome as well. (Not that they weren’t before, but now they’re really awesome.) I saw them last Sat. night at Grand Palace in M’boro and they totally blew me away. They’ve got a batch of new songs and have been slowly chipping away at a debut full-length with Alex at GP’s recording studio.

OK Go, Those Darlins, Samuel @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm, $15. I’ve not a clue about Samuel, but I can promise you’ll hear almost all new material from Those Darlins (which I deemed fantastic while I was on tour w/ them for a week), and a fun, crowd-participatory experience from OK Go. I saw most of their set at Bonnaroo this past summer and while the last album or two hasn’t impressed me, they did put on a helluva live show.


Milktooth, XPIA, the Zut Alors, and Flashbulb Fires @ the 5 Spot. 9pm, $5.

Turbo Fruits, Big Surr, Deadbeat Beat, D. Watusi, Reid Magette @ Glen Danzig’s House, 7pm, $5.


Fang Island, Delicate Steve, Sleeper Agent, and Bad Cop @ The End. $10, 9pm.

And now here’s some footage of the one and only Tex Rambunctious interviewing the one and only Basil Marceaux dot com:

(Via Nashville Cream)

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