First off, here’s what I think is good this weekend:


The Features, Tristen, Bows & Arrows @ 12th & Porter. 9pm. I swear I read somewhere that this is some kind of benefit show, but I can’t find any evidence of that now. Regardless this is an AMAZING lineup. I need not say a word about the Features- we all know they rule the universe. Tristen has gotten better and better every time I’ve seen her the past 3 years, and just when I think she couldn’t possibly be better, she is. Speaking of getting better- Bows & Arrows are now totally awesome as well. (Not that they weren’t before, but now they’re really awesome.) I saw them last Sat. night at Grand Palace in M’boro and they totally blew me away. They’ve got a batch of new songs and have been slowly chipping away at a debut full-length with Alex at GP’s recording studio.

OK Go, Those Darlins, Samuel @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm, $15. I’ve not a clue about Samuel, but I can promise you’ll hear almost all new material from Those Darlins (which I deemed fantastic while I was on tour w/ them for a week), and a fun, crowd-participatory experience from OK Go. I saw most of their set at Bonnaroo this past summer and while the last album or two hasn’t impressed me, they did put on a helluva live show.


Milktooth, XPIA, the Zut Alors, and Flashbulb Fires @ the 5 Spot. 9pm, $5.

Turbo Fruits, Big Surr, Deadbeat Beat, D. Watusi, Reid Magette @ Glen Danzig’s House, 7pm, $5.


Fang Island, Delicate Steve, Sleeper Agent, and Bad Cop @ The End. $10, 9pm.

And now here’s some footage of the one and only Tex Rambunctious interviewing the one and only Basil Marceaux dot com:

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Do you know Tex Rambunctious? If you don’t, then you’re probably a low-life scum suckin’ pile of horseshit! At least, that’s what Tex would say. Tex is the alter-ego of local music promoter/manager Dean Shortland, and he’s put together a one-two punch lineup of free shows leading up to this weekend’s Next BIG Nashville Music Festival/Conference. It’s called TEX Big Nashville, and the lineup is full of great bands who were flirted with by NBN but ultimately dumped for sexier bands/artists. My own band POWERBRRRD (Seth decided to make us a twitter, so follow us!) is among them. We are on tonight’s lineup at Mercy Lounge, which is an 8 off 8th-style lineup consisting of us, Del Barber, Chris Pickering, Jacob Thomas, Shotgun Lover, The Weeks, and maybe Jeremy Lister. As always, it’s FREE and starts at 9pm.

Tomorrow night’s TBN lineup is at Exit/In and features Codaphonic, My Tyger, The Black Shades, Reno Bo, and Bravo Max. Again, it’s FREE and will start at 9pm.

These are all great bands who, by any normal standard are certainly good enough to play NBN, but probably either a) haven’t been around long enough/produced enough recorded material, or b) don’t have any label/management affiliations/connections. So please do come out and checkout at least one night of bands before you booze it up on free drinks and sponsorships this weekend. Stay tuned in the next day or two as I have some pretty exciting news to unveil about exclusive NBN happenings on friday.

A few more random tidbits of interest:

In other NBN-related news, the Fader is co-sponsoring the WAVVES/Tennis/Christmas Island/Diarrhea Planet/Girls in the Eighties showcase on Friday night at Exit/In. They blogged about it. Which is pretty awesome.

Spin magazine also showed Nashville some love in a post about 5 new Nashville bands they ❤. Kind of an odd mix but mad props to PUJOL, The Ettes, and Turbo Fruits for making the list.

Didn’t get a chance to blog about this last night but Nashville’s own video journalist Crystal Heidemann of YouTell Concerts got made fun of on Hipster Runoff. As I told her, she should only feel honored.

I could sit and generate new chillwave band names all day on the Witch House//Chillwave//Name Generator. Seriously, be careful. You might not be able to stop. (Via gorilla vs. bear)

Remember waaaay back when NasvhilleZine existed and the entire Nashville indie rock scene used it as an outlet for all their secret jealousy/anger/frustration? Yeah, those were the good ole days… I got an email from Todd A, who created/killed NashvilleZine, and he’s been up to some awesome stuff out in Orange Co., California. Check out his website/band/music collaboration project the Hit On List. He writes tons and tons of songs and records video demos of them/posts them. He also makes full-on multitrack recordings, some of which you can download, remix, change, etc… all for free. It’s certainly not a new concept, but it’s one that deserves more attention than it gets. I’m glad to see it and help promote it.

Now for what’s going down show-wise in Nashville this weekend.


Tonight I recommend catching Aaron Robinson (of Imaginary Baseball League fame), with Korean Is Asian and Cassino at the Basement.

Those are all very singer/songwriter-oriented bands, so if that’s not your bag, check out the best scratch DJ in Nashville- DJ Kidsmeal, along with Creative Control, Amerigo Gazaway, and Gummy Soul at the End.


Jenny & Johnny (aka Jenny Lewis and her BF Johnny Rice) with Eternal Summers and Whispertown at Mercy Lounge. Awww how cute.

During the day you don’t want to miss Grimey’s bi-annual big ass outdoor sale. Starts at 10AM in the back parking lot and there will be tons of cheap-ass records and CD’s, as well as a killer lineup of bands playing outside including Majestico, Cy Barkley, Apache Relay, and many more.

Not gonna go into detail right now, but in addition to the Next BIG Nashville festivities next week, the notorious Tex Rambunctious has put together a couple days of bands that didn’t quite make the NBN cut and it’s called “Tex Big Nashville.” It’s monday & tuesday of next week, so more on that in monday’s blog.

Have a great weekend!

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