Burgers Fall 2011 Mixxxx is here

September 20, 2011

My Fall 2011 mixtape has arrived. This one’s a little longer than the last few but I had a lot of great new tracks, as well as some older gems that I recently dug up, to throw in there. I couldn’t resist the urge to kick it off with the new Sammy “Saxy” Bananas’ saxtastic remix of Chromeo’s hit “When The Night Falls.” Clearly the artwork reflects that. 😉 And dammit, just when I think I’m gonna be able to squeeze out a mixtape that doesn’t include Bit Funk, he goes and releases a masterpiece like “Rap Music.” I give up. The man can do no wrong. Also included is Viceroy’s brand-spankin’ new disco house banger “No Ending.” Enjoy:


Chromeo-When The Night Falls (Sammy Saxy Bananas RMX)
Kimbra-Cameo Lover (GLOVES RMX)
Stephanie Mills-Put Your Body In It (Gigamesh RMX)
Chic-Le Freak (Le Principle Brooklyn Fire RMX)
Mustang-Shooting Love (FAT Club Mix)
Midnight Star-No Parking On The Dancefloor
Bastille-Wide Open
Makeup & Vanity Set-Charles Park (Disco Version)
Bag Raiders-Sunlight (GLOVES RMX)
Together Robots-Heaven (Death In Paris 1983 RMX)
Bit Funk-Rap Music
Viceroy-No Ending
Craze-Dance Alone (Ft. Wreckonize)
Flight Facilities-Foreign Language (Extended Mix)

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