Diarrhea Planet’s Loose Jewels out/Soundland starts today

September 21, 2011

I failed miserably yesterday in that I forgot to mention that Nashville’s own laxative enthusiasts Diarrhea Planet finally released their long-overdue debut album Loose Jewels via Infinity Cat. And they did an in-store at Grimey’s, followed by a full-blown album release party last night at the End. As I was talking to the dudes they were mentioning beer spray guns and confetti. I remember Jordan saying something like, “we basically wanna tar & feather the audience, except with beer and confetti.” A very fitting theatrical addition to their show, I must say. Sadly I’m a crotchety old man with an early-ass day job so I only saw the in-store, but it was fun! I also got the record and it’s exactly what a Diarrhea Planet album should be- balls to the wall party punk anthems with massive guitarmonies and shredding all over the place. So get yourself a copy of the album and thank me later. Also, for a much more professional review of the record check out Lance Conzett’s review for the Scene. I will echo his sentiment that if you can’t get past the “ickiness” of their name not only is there no hope for you, but you’re also missing the point and you need to get laid.

Today marks the beginning of Soundland 2011– the new music festival/conference under the Next Big Nashville umbrella. If you haven’t gotten a wristband yet it’s not too late, but you’ll have to pay the $75 walk-up price. (Unless you buy online, where there’s a limited time extension of the $65 price level.) There are also individual show tickets. Check out their ticket info page for details. I’m once again working for the festival as a photographer, so I’ll be completely swamped with that for the next few days. There will be no “A Few Good Shows” this week, because it would all be Soundland stuff anyway. Till next week!

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