A Few Good Shows: 10/28/11 (Halloween edition)

October 28, 2011

Welcome to Halloween weekend in Nashville. This is a busy one, as always, and I’m just here to give you a smattering of some events of interest. By no means is this a comprehensive list of Halloween happenings. Just some stuff I think looks good/interesting.


Self (Matt Mahaffey solo acoustic) w/ Seth Timbs Thing and The Hellens @ The Basement. 9pm $5 21+

Vitalic Noise presents VITAL: 1 Year Anniversary @ Wine Loft ft. La Zebra, Dee Goodz, Deacon, Total Savage, Dark Sister, plus resident CRAVE DJs Losici and Dali Drama. 10pm $5

Halloween Spooktacular ft. My So-Called Band, The Aught-Nots, Space Capone, and Coach @ Mercy Lounge & Cannery. 9pm $15

The Grayces album release show w/ Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power @ The 5 Spot. 9pm $5


Halloween Warehouse party ft. Girls & Money, Scale Model (I play drums), and Eight ‘O Five @ The Zombie Lair (aka Jiggy Graphics- 1015 W. Kirkland Ave. Suite 310, East Nashy) 10pm, $5 suggested donation gets access to the keg and spiked punch. Also there will be a professional movie makeup artist zombifying people!

Night of the Living Cover Bands: a benefit for YEAH! music programs (SGRRC/TNTRC/NYCRC) ft. Head over Heels (Go-Go’s covers), Ponychase (Cyndi Lauper covers), Cortney Tidwell, The Non-Commissioned Officers, Uncle Skeleton, and Spaceship of the Imagination. @ the 5 Spot, 9pm $5 or donation.

Jacuzzi Boys, Heavy Cream, and Cy Barkley @ The End. 9pm $6

The Greenhouse Halloween party ft. How I Became the Bomb, the Black Belles, and DJ Mindub @ The Greehouse. 9pm $???


Meatmen w/ Hans Condor and Slammers @ Springwater. 10pm $5 21+

MONDAY: (throwin’ it in there because I likely won’t have time to post on monday and there’s shit you should know about)

Dixie Downturn presents Halloween 8 off 8th ft. Lylas, How I Became the Bomb, A Greater Good, Casa Castille, Bows and Arrows, Shaboi, and Bummer. 9pm FREE 21+ For more info and previews of each band, check out Dixie Downturn!

Protomen, Peelander-Z, MC Frontalot @ Exit/In. 9pm $14

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin w/ Evan P. Donohue, Faux Ferocious, & Blown Stag @ The End. 9pm $6

PHEW. That’s it. Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend.

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