Tomorrow night there will be an epic Halloween party, and you’re invited! Yes, Erica of 615 Design has opened her awesome theatrical set design studio for the second year in row to host theĀ Zombie Unite! Undead UndergroundĀ party! This year the party’s entertainment features my band Scale Model, Girls & Money, and DJs Burgers and Sex Gravy. We also have the Latin Wagon food truck, FREE BEER (with a donation to Hike for the Homeless Team Hotsteppers), and a professional zombie makeup artist onsite! Trust me- this is the coolest space you can imagine for a Halloween party, complete with a huge creepy-ass fake tree from one of Erica’s past set designs. Did I mention it’s totally FREE to get in? Yeah, it’s free. Here’s the full rundown:

Zombies Unite! Undead Underground
at 615 Design: 1015 W. Kirkland Ave, Suite 310
Bands: Scale Model and Girls & Money
DJs: Burgers and Sex Gravy
Latin Wagon food truck, FREE BEER w/ charitable donation
Professional makeup artist onsite
Starts at 9pm, NO COVER

Welcome to Halloween weekend in Nashville. This is a busy one, as always, and I’m just here to give you a smattering of some events of interest. By no means is this a comprehensive list of Halloween happenings. Just some stuff I think looks good/interesting.


Self (Matt Mahaffey solo acoustic) w/ Seth Timbs Thing and The Hellens @ The Basement. 9pm $5 21+

Vitalic Noise presents VITAL: 1 Year Anniversary @ Wine Loft ft. La Zebra, Dee Goodz, Deacon, Total Savage, Dark Sister, plus resident CRAVE DJs Losici and Dali Drama. 10pm $5

Halloween Spooktacular ft. My So-Called Band, The Aught-Nots, Space Capone, and Coach @ Mercy Lounge & Cannery. 9pm $15

The Grayces album release show w/ Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power @ The 5 Spot. 9pm $5


Halloween Warehouse party ft. Girls & Money, Scale Model (I play drums), and Eight ‘O Five @ The Zombie Lair (aka Jiggy Graphics- 1015 W. Kirkland Ave. Suite 310, East Nashy) 10pm, $5 suggested donation gets access to the keg and spiked punch. Also there will be a professional movie makeup artist zombifying people!

Night of the Living Cover Bands: a benefit for YEAH! music programs (SGRRC/TNTRC/NYCRC) ft. Head over Heels (Go-Go’s covers), Ponychase (Cyndi Lauper covers), Cortney Tidwell, The Non-Commissioned Officers, Uncle Skeleton, and Spaceship of the Imagination. @ the 5 Spot, 9pm $5 or donation.

Jacuzzi Boys, Heavy Cream, and Cy Barkley @ The End. 9pm $6

The Greenhouse Halloween party ft. How I Became the Bomb, the Black Belles, and DJ Mindub @ The Greehouse. 9pm $???


Meatmen w/ Hans Condor and Slammers @ Springwater. 10pm $5 21+

MONDAY: (throwin’ it in there because I likely won’t have time to post on monday and there’s shit you should know about)

Dixie Downturn presents Halloween 8 off 8th ft. Lylas, How I Became the Bomb, A Greater Good, Casa Castille, Bows and Arrows, Shaboi, and Bummer. 9pm FREE 21+ For more info and previews of each band, check out Dixie Downturn!

Protomen, Peelander-Z, MC Frontalot @ Exit/In. 9pm $14

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin w/ Evan P. Donohue, Faux Ferocious, & Blown Stag @ The End. 9pm $6

PHEW. That’s it. Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen, Charles Park III from our man Makeup & Vanity Set has arrived. It will be your Halloween 2011 soundtrack. It can be purchased tomorrow (10/27) but you can stream it all now via his soundcloud. Or below. Words seem meaningless in comparison to simply giving this thing a listen. Only then will you understand. Clearly I am biased because I love this dude, but it’s the TRUTH. Everything he’s done is utter badassery.


Halloween weekend rundown

October 29, 2010

Image via tenthousandknives

By now you’ve probably already pinned down your Halloween plans, but I’ll list off a few things going down this weekend just in case there’s a day that you haven’t quite figure out yet.


Freaky Friday Halloween Party at Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom. Featuring a total nostalgia-gasm of Guilty Pleasures + My So-Called Band in the Cannery and Yacht Rock Revue + Glam Hammer in Mercy Lounge. If I were going, I’d stay upstairs not because of the bands, but because we all know Guilty Pleasures + Halloween = lots of cougars dressing up as a “sexy _____” and exposing things that no cougar should ever expose. It’s 21+ and $15 gets you a wristband with access to both venues.

Clem Snide & Mountain Man are at the Basement. 21+ $8 9pm


Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom host their annual “Nightmare In Music City” party. Cannery Ballroom will be transformed into a giant dance party, Mercy will be an exclusive VIP area, and there will be a huge heated tent outside in the parking lot with more DJs and dancing. $15 GA, $50 VIP.

Mai and 12th & Porter present the 2nd annual “Haunted Valley” block party featuring DJ sets and performances by Ying Yang Twins, Chancellor Warhol, Majestico, Coach, Potamus, Brandon Wahl, Space Capone, Luna Halo, Rod Youree, Cal Ecker, Hands off Sam, and Slow Motion Centerfold. Not sure who’s playing in which venue, but GA tix are $25.

Ra Ra Riot, Villagers, and Givers are at Exit/In. 9pm $15.

There also may or may not be a secret show happening at a secret location that’s about a 40 minute drive down I-24. This secret location may or may not have a very strict capacity limit due to past events. The headlining band may or may not have been recording their debut album in this same secret location over the past few months.


Girl Talk at Mai. Outdoor party, rain or shine. Starts at 7pm!

That’s all I got. Have a good Halloween and keep it classy.