Soundland 2012: Early bird tix and shrinkage

August 1, 2012

The waters surrounding 2012’s Soundland have been eerily quiet the past few months, but yesterday the announcement was made that the festival (summit? conference?) has been scaled back to one day, October 6th, and will take place downtown on the Lawn at Riverfront Park. It sounds like the event is moving toward more of a standard outdoor festival vibe than the SXSW-style/club-hopping-industry-showcase vibe of years past. The official lineup announcement is tomorrow, August 2nd. However, they rolled the dice and ran a special earlybird ticket sale for 48 hours only- $30. From the email blast:

The all-new SoundLand features a one-day outdoor extravaganza October 6, 2012 with music, art, food, and more in our biggest venue yet.

I’ve no doubt the shrinkage can be boiled down to an issue of quality vs. quantity, and this festival is run by some talented and smart people, so they chose to make Soundland 2012 one totally awesome day, rather than 4 pretty good days. I’m looking forward to the lineup announcement!

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