This weekend has a lot going on show-wise. Here are a few highlights:


At the 5 Spot, The Whole Fantastic World will transform into their alter-ego “Friends of Lizzy: A Tribute to Thin Lizzy.” They’ll be joined by the awesome Heartbeater and Gentlemen Divers. 9pm, $5.

Or if you wanna get SMOOTH, check out Space Capone and Yacht Rock Revue at Mercy Lounge. It will be the SMOOTHEST thing you’ve ever seen. $10 advance, and … a little more at the door… doors at 8pm. And Drew will no doubt be sporting his Yacht Rock hat:

Also, the Silver Seas are at the Basement. It’s their album release show- $7, 9pm.


Frontier Ruckus will be invading The End, along with the Kopecky Family Band. 9pm, $5.

I will most likely be attending the Brendan Benson show at the Basement. The tix are available at Grimey’s and are $12, but expected to sell out by Sat. afternoon or earlier. What can I say? I really dug his new album!


I will be taking pics at the Sleigh Bells show at The End. Nerve City and PO PO round out that bill. Apparently it’s already sold out… I really had no idea they were such a big deal. Cool?

Also, Happy Birthday Jack White.

Have a great weekend!

WOTT podcast/weekend stuff

October 30, 2009

First and foremost, I must plug my band’s show at the 5 Spot tonight. I know, there’s a lot of shit going on tonight… but we (as in all the bands playing) promise to make your attendance worthwhile. First of all, check out Patrick Rodgers’ description of Heartbeater in his critic’s pick this week. If that isn’t good enough for you, then let me personally attest to the awesomeness of Bad Cop. These dudes have a youthful stage energy that matches their raw, explosive brand of garage-punk quite well. The frontman is obviously channeling some Iggy Pop, and in a really REALLY good way. Hammertorch was originally also on this bill, but had to drop off at the last minute. So come on down to the 5 Spot tonight!

This All-Hallows Eve I will be doing the Generation Domination photobooth at the Nightmare in Music City party at Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom. It promises to be a huge party, with DJ’s not only in those two rooms, but also in 4 large tents which will be in the parking lot. The party is sponsored by Hustler Hollywood, and since Halloween has long since devolved into nothing more than an excuse for girls to dress as slutty as possible, this party is sure to please those who applaud said devolution… and also those who like to make fun of it.

We Own This Town posted a new podcast earlier this week, so if you haven’t already, go grab it now. It features unreleased tunes from Eureka Gold, Tristen, Caitlin Rose, Glossary, and many more. Also, mucho thanks to Michael for plugging my photo exhibition on there as well.

Now for something just to make you smile. The unofficial Hey Jude flow chart, via Flux-Rad:

Have a great Halloween weekend, and please be safe: use a DD, use a condom, all that…

Everyone’s favorite East Nashville dive/hangout the 5 Spot suddenly has a new website! Who knew? It’s good, because they needed one. Myspace used to be the only place to find their listings (other than the Scene and MetroMix) and now that it’s going the way of the dinosaurs, they needed another online presence. (Via Out The Other on Twitter)

I was delighted to see that the trailer for The Fantastic Mr. Fox is now out. Visually it just looks wonderful (as all Wes Anderson films do), and with the voices of George Clooney, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson, and Meryl Streep? YES all the way around. (Via Yewknee Twitter) is hit or miss on their posts sometimes, but today they posted a blog about 10 extreme environments on Earth. Pretty interesting. They need to hire a copy editor.

Today’s a pretty slow news day, so that’s all I have for you. Weekend stuff coming tomorrow.

stiller-rowlandOK Matt Rowland, first you made an appearance on SNL last week posing as Joaquin Phoenix, now you’ve made it all the way to the Oscars? Does Richie know about this? How is your new found fame going to affect Ghostfinger? Please don’t forget about your friends back here in little ol’ Nashville…

Seriously though, I was pretty happy to see Sean Penn win best actor for his role in Milk. I still haven’t seen The Wrestler yet, though, so I can’t say for sure that I thought he deserved it over Micky Rourke, but ever since I saw Milk, I’ve been hoping Penn would win it. I guess I’ll form my opinion when I finally see Rourke’s job in The Wrestler. On that note, I need to add Slumdog Millionaire to my “must-see” list as well.

So by saturday afternoon half of Nashville had found out about the alleged “Pavement reunion” that was taking place at the 5 Spot that night. Well, you probably know this by now, dear reader, but it didn’t happen. 4 of the 5 members of the band were onstage at the same time, however, and Malkmus sang 2 covers, so that made me happy. Read the full account, and see my photos from the event over on the Nashville Cream post. Oh, and Pitchfork picked up the story and linked to us, as well. Go us!

More local music happenings: I was pleased to find news in my inbox this morning of the Carter Administration’s upcoming releases. The 10-year Nashville rock veterans are releasing a retrospective collection of older songs that they weren’t quite happy with the first time around called Bomb-Ass Singles, 1998-2008. AND they’re taking a cue from How I Became the Bomb and releasing an album of new material 2 songs at a time, for free, via download. The first installment is called Victory Girls b/w Bitchery and Abomination, and is available starting today at their page. Go get the songs! I’m listening right now and it’s good stuff. These dudes just seem to get better with time.

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture series has unleashed another great collection of photographs. This one is called “At Work,” and features some great imagery of everyday people doing a variety of interesting jobs. The Big Picture never disappoints.

You Ain’t No Picasso posted this video footage of the White Stripes on the last episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I agree it’s a somewhat awkward rendition of the song… and the rhythm and speed is changed up a bit, but Jack & Meg can practically do no wrong in my eyes.