Before I talk about the nerdy television shows which will be on tonight, I must mention that Nashville rockers Heartbeater released their debut album Slow Waves yesterday. I totally forgot to mention it. Hell I’ve only heard a couple of the songs, but I know it’s an awesome record because I’ve seen them live many times, and they are just that good. The main strongpoint is the amazing chemistry between the two guitar players whose parts are almost always playing off each other and harmonizing. Check them out at or their label’s bandcamp.

Now for some serious nerding-out.

  • Obama finally got a clue and is having solar panels installed on the White House. It’s about fucking time!
  • Tonight is the season premier of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. The myths their testing tonight both involve dogs, so this will surely be an adorable episode.
  • Of course, directly following Mythbusters will be the 2nd episode of Phil Plait’s Bad Universe. This time he will be studying the realities of alien attacks and the overall existence of extraterrestrials, as well as the grim realities of interstellar travel. Two of my favorite things back to back=me having a nerd-out. Here’s a sneak peak at tonight’s episode:

Tonight something will happen that I never, EVER thought would happen. Drummer Simon Lynn will rejoin his old bandmates from The Whole Fantastic World onstage for the first time in at least 3 years. I honestly can’t remember exactly when he left the band/the other 2 moved to Chicago, but it was a while ago. They apparently recruited a new drummer there, but only played a handful of shows and to my knowledge haven’t released anything since 2004’s Chime! They were a Theory 8 artist and honestly one of the most unique bands from this area. I used to describe them as “prog-pop” to friends. They are playing tonight at the Exit/In as part of a new “rock the block” Tuesday night weekly series. This free show also features Velcro Stars, Hammertorch, HP Witchcraft, Kat Brock, Bird Cloud, The Avery Set, Homework, and Heartbeater. Obviously this show will be similar in format to Mercy Lounge’s 8 off 8th monday night series. This particular one was assembled by Meltface Music Faction and Simon Lynn himself. I can’t think of anything better to do with your tuesday night than go see a free show from an abosolutely amazing band that hasn’t played Nashville in over 3 years, not to mention all the other great bands on the lineup. In fact, it’s been a good minute since Velcro Stars played a show…

Also of note, according Nashville Cream’s post on this same topic, HP Witchcraft is former Wooden Wand frontman James Jackson Toth’s new project with Bingham Barnes of Glossary and Tyler Coppage of We Were The States.

Check out this unreleased demo track from The Whole Fantastic World:

The Whole Fantastic World-Colussus

According to Stereogum, Pavement will be headlining the Pitchfork music festival this coming July. I can’t imagine that they’d be willing to do that and then pass up on opportunities such as Coachella and Bonnaroo. Of course I sincerely hope the latter becomes reality. Unless something drastic changes between now and then, I’ll probably be there again this year covering for the Scene, and since I’ve never seen the band live, I really hope they end up at Bonnaroo. An actual Nashville appearance wouldn’t hurt, either.

WOTT podcast/weekend stuff

October 30, 2009

First and foremost, I must plug my band’s show at the 5 Spot tonight. I know, there’s a lot of shit going on tonight… but we (as in all the bands playing) promise to make your attendance worthwhile. First of all, check out Patrick Rodgers’ description of Heartbeater in his critic’s pick this week. If that isn’t good enough for you, then let me personally attest to the awesomeness of Bad Cop. These dudes have a youthful stage energy that matches their raw, explosive brand of garage-punk quite well. The frontman is obviously channeling some Iggy Pop, and in a really REALLY good way. Hammertorch was originally also on this bill, but had to drop off at the last minute. So come on down to the 5 Spot tonight!

This All-Hallows Eve I will be doing the Generation Domination photobooth at the Nightmare in Music City party at Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom. It promises to be a huge party, with DJ’s not only in those two rooms, but also in 4 large tents which will be in the parking lot. The party is sponsored by Hustler Hollywood, and since Halloween has long since devolved into nothing more than an excuse for girls to dress as slutty as possible, this party is sure to please those who applaud said devolution… and also those who like to make fun of it.

We Own This Town posted a new podcast earlier this week, so if you haven’t already, go grab it now. It features unreleased tunes from Eureka Gold, Tristen, Caitlin Rose, Glossary, and many more. Also, mucho thanks to Michael for plugging my photo exhibition on there as well.

Now for something just to make you smile. The unofficial Hey Jude flow chart, via Flux-Rad:

Have a great Halloween weekend, and please be safe: use a DD, use a condom, all that…