Kelly Kerr is what most would call a “veteran” of the Murfreesboro music scene. This guy has been around for years, played in tons of bands, was involved with the now-defunct Vacant Cage Records, and had a steady stream of solo projects. He even started a small brewing company called Bucket City Brew (which is part of the reason I started brewing). His latest project is called Kelly Kerr & The Distractions, and it’s easily his most notable endeavor. They are about to release their 2nd album, titled Chronological Disorder: How to Pass History in 13 Easy Steps, next week on May 11th. The album is comprised of songs all about various topics in US history, and is his best work to date. The recording quality is better than anything I’ve heard from him before, and the songs are all well-produced. Snag the track “Eli Whitney” below, and go to their Bandcamp page to get two other free tracks. Also check out their official website for some clever video commercials, show listings, etc… The album release show is May 22nd at Foobar, and will feature supporting acts Superstar Machine (Seth Graves’ official new chillwave project), and Streetlight Allstars.

Kelly Kerr & The Distractions- Eli Whitney

This weekend has a lot of good shows, most of which are benefits for victims of the recent flood disaste:

First of all, I have to plug my own band’s show this Saturday at the End. It’s Powerbrrrd’s first show in many months and while I’d like to say that we’ve been holed-up recording all this time, that is not the case. We’ve just been lazy, and getting a new drummer (I moved to bass and guitar), Jesse Baker. This show also serves as Diarrhea Planet’s EP release. Also playing- Frank the Fuck Out, Spanish Candles, and Bad Cop. Seriously, this one y’all don’t want to miss! Of course, it IS a flood benefit, so that $5 you pay at the door all goes to Hands on Nashville.

Tonight: The art space/zine shop/venue collective known as Little Hamilton is having some money woes, and are thus having a benefit show tonight to help raise $$$ so they can pay their rent. It’s a dance party featuring DJ Jade Payne and others, and starts at 9pm. 1318 Little Hamilton St.

Also tonight- Space Capone’s CD release party w/ Mikky Ekko @ Mercy Lounge.

Sunday there’s another great flood benefit show happening at Rocketown. This one will feature a shitload of bands, including Heavy Cream, Daniel Pujol, So Jazzy, Ben Steine’s Money, Big Surr, and many more. Important: this one is at Rocketown’s NEW LOCATION of 522 5th Ave South.

If you missed the awesome flood benefit show this past Wed. night at Mercy Lounge as I did, check out Nashville Cream’s Spin review of it. They also have some nice footage of it there, too.

Have a great weekend!