Absurdly awesome videos

April 19, 2012

Two videos which share a common theme of absurdity and awesomeness. Absurdly awesome? Awesomely absurd? You decide.

Exhibit A: Ridiculous/dumb/terrible things happening in super slo-mo. As in, 2500 frames per second slo-mo. It never ceases to amaze me how super slow motion can turn just about anything, no matter how gross or messy, into a captivating and beautiful spectacle. My favorite is the rocket-powered clothes drying rack. Why didn’t I ever think of that? Seriously though, this is one that simply MUST be seen in full HD, so set that shit on 1080p, pop it on fullscreen, and sit back. (Via Devour)

Exhibit B: The new video for Diarrhea Planet’s “Warm Ridin’.” This is a band that is not afraid of over-the-top absurdity or awesomeness, and this video is all of the above. Complete with rooftops, bare chests, flaming guitars, American flags, and jumping jacks. These dudes know how to party. If you haven’t checked out their debut album on Infinity Cat yet, go fix that right now. And if you can’t get around the name, you’re just missing the point altogether.

Let’s all face it, the big news show-wise this weekend is The Pixies playing two consecutive shows at the Ryman. This undeniably awesome, but I haven’t the money nor the means to go. I halfway missed the Pixies train in high school/middle school, so they will never have the significance to me that they do to some. The bands that cemented themselves firmly into my formative years were Nirvana, Weezer, and Green Day… amongst many others. But those were the main ones. So, yay Pixies?

Some other good stuff going down this weekend (besides the AMA’s):


There are a shitload of bands at the 5 Spot- Fly Golden Eagle, The Early Evening, Slow Claw, Chrome Pony and By Lightning are all playing as part of “Family Tree Vol. 2.” 9pm $5

Dozen Dimes, Frank The Fuck Out, and Diarrhea Planet @ The End. 9pm $5 (This is the Dozen Dimes’ album release show… I’m not up to speed on these things but I thought DD’s album came out a couple months ago… but whatevs, this is an awesome lineup regardless!)


Well, the 2nd Pixies show (tix still available!) is about it.


Whoa, sunday rocks…

Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Strange Boys, Cy Barkley, Natural Child @ Glen Danzig’s House. $5 7pm. I’ll be there.

Best Coast, Cults @ Mercy Lounge. $12, 8pm

The Love Language, Bows and Arrows @ Exit/In. $10, 8pm


(Because I’ll be gone and not blogging for a week probably)

Keep On Movin’ celebrates their 2-year birthday. The weekly 5 Spot dance party/boogie-fest has been going strong for 2 years, so show ’em some love!

I must also mention that today is the LAST DAY to get early bird discounts on Next BIG Nashville tickets! Wristbands are $40 and VIP badges are $215, and after today the prices go up to $45 and $250, respectively. Act now or pay more later.

Before I leave for a week-long hiatus due to my road stint with Those Darlins, I must share one of the most ridiculously design-nerdy things I’ve ever seen. Apparently some super nerdy graphic designers had waaaay too much time on their hands and decided to figure out how many iterations of the word “helvetica” in 100 point un-kerned type would fit between the earth and the moon. Then they had some more time and decided to see how big, in points, the word helvetica would have to be to fit once between the earth and the moon. As ridiculous as this is, it makes me very happy. Click through to find out the results at kottke.org.

Have a great weekend and week, because it’ll probably be that long before you hear from me again on here.

Kelly Kerr is what most would call a “veteran” of the Murfreesboro music scene. This guy has been around for years, played in tons of bands, was involved with the now-defunct Vacant Cage Records, and had a steady stream of solo projects. He even started a small brewing company called Bucket City Brew (which is part of the reason I started brewing). His latest project is called Kelly Kerr & The Distractions, and it’s easily his most notable endeavor. They are about to release their 2nd album, titled Chronological Disorder: How to Pass History in 13 Easy Steps, next week on May 11th. The album is comprised of songs all about various topics in US history, and is his best work to date. The recording quality is better than anything I’ve heard from him before, and the songs are all well-produced. Snag the track “Eli Whitney” below, and go to their Bandcamp page to get two other free tracks. Also check out their official website for some clever video commercials, show listings, etc… The album release show is May 22nd at Foobar, and will feature supporting acts Superstar Machine (Seth Graves’ official new chillwave project), and Streetlight Allstars.

Kelly Kerr & The Distractions- Eli Whitney

This weekend has a lot of good shows, most of which are benefits for victims of the recent flood disaste:

First of all, I have to plug my own band’s show this Saturday at the End. It’s Powerbrrrd’s first show in many months and while I’d like to say that we’ve been holed-up recording all this time, that is not the case. We’ve just been lazy, and getting a new drummer (I moved to bass and guitar), Jesse Baker. This show also serves as Diarrhea Planet’s EP release. Also playing- Frank the Fuck Out, Spanish Candles, and Bad Cop. Seriously, this one y’all don’t want to miss! Of course, it IS a flood benefit, so that $5 you pay at the door all goes to Hands on Nashville.

Tonight: The art space/zine shop/venue collective known as Little Hamilton is having some money woes, and are thus having a benefit show tonight to help raise $$$ so they can pay their rent. It’s a dance party featuring DJ Jade Payne and others, and starts at 9pm. 1318 Little Hamilton St.

Also tonight- Space Capone’s CD release party w/ Mikky Ekko @ Mercy Lounge.

Sunday there’s another great flood benefit show happening at Rocketown. This one will feature a shitload of bands, including Heavy Cream, Daniel Pujol, So Jazzy, Ben Steine’s Money, Big Surr, and many more. Important: this one is at Rocketown’s NEW LOCATION of 522 5th Ave South.

If you missed the awesome flood benefit show this past Wed. night at Mercy Lounge as I did, check out Nashville Cream’s Spin review of it. They also have some nice footage of it there, too.

Have a great weekend!