If you have Netflix, I strongly recommend putting the phenomenal, Nashville-made film Make-Out with Violence in your queue right now. It just recently officially became rentable, so take advantage of that and get it. Seriously, go do it, here’s the link. I’ve mentioned this movie before, so you should at least have some clue about it if you read this blog somewhat regularly. If you’ve already seen it, at least go into your Netflix and give it a 5-star rating (or whatever you think it deserves) because these people deserve it. They deserve to finally start making some of their money back on this film. Also, Yewknee and We Own This Town report that the soundtrack is out now on vinyl. Clearly, the 40-something tracklist had to whittled down quite a bit to fit onto a vinyl LP, but from what I understand they kept the best of the best. Grab it here.

One of my favorite electronic producers/remixers is coming to town tonight at Mai. Yes, the amazing BIT FUNK will gracing Nashville with his slick, smooth, and funky style of nu-disco. Seriously, I flipped a lid when I first heard he was coming. It’s part of the monthly “VITAL” series hosted by my buds at Vitalic Noise. I heard there will be confetti cannons. And fog. And whatever else your disco heart desires. Seriously, be there. Robot Ears and Vitalic Noise DJs will open up. Starts around 10, only costs $6 to get in ($8 if you’re a young’n), and get this- 100% of the door money is going to Global Tribe, a very worthy cause. If you need more reasons to come, check out Bit Funk’s Soundcloud. I dare you not to dance.


Finally, just a quick mention that our friends in Diarrhea Planet were kind enough to take some video of the final Powerbrrrd show last friday at Springwater. Also, our friend at Dixie Downturn were kind enough to blog about it, so head over and watch them there. We love you, DD and DP!

Next Big Hangover. Next Binge Nashville. I’ve heard it all. But it’s over. It was awesome and everyone had a blast, but it’s time to move on with the regular Nashville rock and roll grind. Going out and seeing another show is probably not high on your list of things to do tonight, but if there was ever a lineup capable of changing that sentiment, it’s the Dixie Downturn 8 off 8th tonight at Mercy Lounge.

What’s Dixie Downturn? Oh, they’re just the greatest blog in the universe. Well, 2nd greatest blog… obviously this blog is the greatest in the universe. J/K. Seriously though, they are brand-spankin’ new and they are already rocking my world, mainly because they said this about my band Powerbrrrd:

Powerbrrrd are three goofy mofos that play sloppy, infectious rock ‘n’ roll music in the vein of Superchunk and Guided by Voices. They also have a video that reenacts the opening sequence from The Adventures of Pete and Pete. They are obviously in the running for greatest band in the universe for that fact alone.

But also because they put together this utterly amazing lineup for an 8 off 8th tonight- Spanish Candles, Powerbrrrd, Action!, Diarrhea Planet, Heartbeater, Fake Brad, Big Surr, and one more that I haven’t heard about yet. All these bands are bands that we love to play with and who love us, and now we love DD, who also loves us, and and and there’s just so much love.

Massive love aside, keep an eye on Dixie Downturn y’all- they’re all about the free shit, and that’s alright with me. Here’s a link to their post about tonight, and here’s a link to the facebook event. As always, it’s FREE, 21+, and there are $2.50 Yuenglings.