Vitalic Noise is at it again, bringing Fool’s Gold’s own Sammy Bananas to Mai tonight. Mr. Bananas is quite the expert remixer, and made a splash last year with his own original track “Move Your Body.” He’s also one half of Telephoned, though I’ve never been much of a fan of the duo. Other DJ’s are Vitalic Noise and Coach, and Cherub will be performing live on VN’s trademark mobile stage setup. It all goes down tonight at Mai at 10pm and will run you $5 if you’re 21+ or $8 if you’re 18-20.

Speaking of Fool’s Gold, it should be common knowledge that FG is run by the one and only Alain Macklovitch, A.K.A. A-Trak, who played with Kid Sister and Glasslamp Killer at Limelight last Saturday here in Nashville. As far as I know, it was his first visit to Nashville, and I sure hope he doesn’t think the only dance music crowd in town is the glowstick-raver-bro crowd. The outdoor Dayglow festival which was originally scheduled for the previous Friday (4/15) got postponed due to the nasty weather, and the promoter ended up combining that event with the A-Trak/Kid Sister/Glasslamp Killer show. A-Trak killed it, but I can’t help but get the feeling he threw in more hard/ravey-er material than he normally would have, just to appease the crowd of neon glowpaint covered bros in front of him. When the events were combined the ticket prices of the Dayglow event took precedence and thus the ticket price to see A-Trak went from $10 (roughly) to $35. I’m quite sure a lot people who wanted to see the A-Trak show ended up not going, and thus A-Trak ended up playing for a crowd of people who, for the most part, weren’t really fans of his. They still clearly enjoyed it, and hopefully he made a few new fans in the process, but I’m sure he felt a bit… awkward. But honestly this was probably the best possible solution to the problems at hand, and I commend Ultimo for making it all come together. We still got to hear all the staples one would expect in an A-Trak set- the Duck Sauce tunes (including their brand new remix of Chromeo’s “Hot Mess”), some A-Trak remixes such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Heads Will Roll, and some furious scratch work sprinkled here and there.

Back tomorrow with the usual Friday rundown of what to see this weekend.

Tonight at Mai is the 4th (I think) installment of VITAL, the monthly series at Club Mai presented by Vitalic Noise. This month the dudes are trying out a whole new idea for the event- live bands. Mai is traditionally a full-on dance club, with just DJs providing the entertainment, but the VN guys have constructed a special stage that can be moved and disassembled quickly, so for this night they’ve brought in 3 bands- The Pass, Cherub, and Boss of Nova. In addition, DJs Vitalic Noise and Myrryrs will be spinning. It’ll be a good night, so head on down to 12th for a completely new experience at Mai.

In other local music news, songwriter and former Imaginary Baseball League frontman Aaron Robinson just released a new EP via Bandcamp. The songs stay true to his mellow, earnest style, and his crooning is a smooth as ever. The EP is a pay-what-you-want deal, but I do know that he personally invested money out of pocket to make these recordings, so if you can, show the man some support! Also, I strongly urge you to read his hilarious account of one of his songs inadvertently ending up as the soundtrack to a porno… over at Nashville Cream.

If you have Netflix, I strongly recommend putting the phenomenal, Nashville-made film Make-Out with Violence in your queue right now. It just recently officially became rentable, so take advantage of that and get it. Seriously, go do it, here’s the link. I’ve mentioned this movie before, so you should at least have some clue about it if you read this blog somewhat regularly. If you’ve already seen it, at least go into your Netflix and give it a 5-star rating (or whatever you think it deserves) because these people deserve it. They deserve to finally start making some of their money back on this film. Also, Yewknee and We Own This Town report that the soundtrack is out now on vinyl. Clearly, the 40-something tracklist had to whittled down quite a bit to fit onto a vinyl LP, but from what I understand they kept the best of the best. Grab it here.

One of my favorite electronic producers/remixers is coming to town tonight at Mai. Yes, the amazing BIT FUNK will gracing Nashville with his slick, smooth, and funky style of nu-disco. Seriously, I flipped a lid when I first heard he was coming. It’s part of the monthly “VITAL” series hosted by my buds at Vitalic Noise. I heard there will be confetti cannons. And fog. And whatever else your disco heart desires. Seriously, be there. Robot Ears and Vitalic Noise DJs will open up. Starts around 10, only costs $6 to get in ($8 if you’re a young’n), and get this- 100% of the door money is going to Global Tribe, a very worthy cause. If you need more reasons to come, check out Bit Funk’s Soundcloud. I dare you not to dance.


Finally, just a quick mention that our friends in Diarrhea Planet were kind enough to take some video of the final Powerbrrrd show last friday at Springwater. Also, our friend at Dixie Downturn were kind enough to blog about it, so head over and watch them there. We love you, DD and DP!

Halloween weekend rundown

October 29, 2010

Image via tenthousandknives

By now you’ve probably already pinned down your Halloween plans, but I’ll list off a few things going down this weekend just in case there’s a day that you haven’t quite figure out yet.


Freaky Friday Halloween Party at Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom. Featuring a total nostalgia-gasm of Guilty Pleasures + My So-Called Band in the Cannery and Yacht Rock Revue + Glam Hammer in Mercy Lounge. If I were going, I’d stay upstairs not because of the bands, but because we all know Guilty Pleasures + Halloween = lots of cougars dressing up as a “sexy _____” and exposing things that no cougar should ever expose. It’s 21+ and $15 gets you a wristband with access to both venues.

Clem Snide & Mountain Man are at the Basement. 21+ $8 9pm


Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom host their annual “Nightmare In Music City” party. Cannery Ballroom will be transformed into a giant dance party, Mercy will be an exclusive VIP area, and there will be a huge heated tent outside in the parking lot with more DJs and dancing. $15 GA, $50 VIP.

Mai and 12th & Porter present the 2nd annual “Haunted Valley” block party featuring DJ sets and performances by Ying Yang Twins, Chancellor Warhol, Majestico, Coach, Potamus, Brandon Wahl, Space Capone, Luna Halo, Rod Youree, Cal Ecker, Hands off Sam, and Slow Motion Centerfold. Not sure who’s playing in which venue, but GA tix are $25.

Ra Ra Riot, Villagers, and Givers are at Exit/In. 9pm $15.

There also may or may not be a secret show happening at a secret location that’s about a 40 minute drive down I-24. This secret location may or may not have a very strict capacity limit due to past events. The headlining band may or may not have been recording their debut album in this same secret location over the past few months.


Girl Talk at Mai. Outdoor party, rain or shine. Starts at 7pm!

That’s all I got. Have a good Halloween and keep it classy.

One of the most well-kown DJs in Nashville’s dance/electronic music scene right now is DJ Coach (aka Jeremy Todd). He formed the now huge weekly Sat. dance night “Coach Vs Kase” (now called Y2K) with Ke$ha live DJ Justin Kase at 12th and Porter, and has kept that going strong for over a year. He also spins regularly at Mai, Happy Valley, and Swag in Murfreesboro. He just released his summer mixtape “Take-Out Vol. 2” to the masses, and you should grab it now. It’s smooth and warm, just like a summer night…

Download: Coach- Take-Out Vol. 2

In my post yesterday about Treasure Fingers, I made the horrible mistake of forgetting to mention that he’ll be coming through Nashville on tour later this month. On Fri. April 30th he’ll be spinning at Mai, with Coach, Hands off Sam, and Potamus opening. Tickets can be purchased here. I may be mistaken, but I think the last time he played here was a Buddytown party at the Trace. My how things have changed…

While all the early-adopters are creaming over the iPad, Google is apparently prepping it’s own tablet PC, which could prove to be formidable rival for the iPad. It will likely run the Android OS but little else is know about it. (Via Gizmodo)

In other gadget news, Microsoft is about gain some ground in the battle against Apple… if their new Windows phone 7 and “Kin” phone are as awesome as they appear to be. The new Windows mobile platform is a total overhaul of their lame older versions, and is a VAST improvement. It’s expected to be out on mobile devices late this year. (More on Windows 7 phone at Engadget) The Kin phone is a version of Windows 7 phone that is centered specifically on social media. Basically it’s aimed directly at hipsters who have iPhones. Stealing hipsters away from Apple products seems like a futile endeavor, but it just might be possible. More on the Kin at Live Science)

I’m trying out a slightly different format today- I’m going to split up the posts roughly into two categories: the science-y/tech-y/nerd-y stuff, and the music/pop culture stuff. So essentially you’ll see two posts per day for the most part. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTS.

The most important thing I’m posting about today is tonight’s benefit for Planned Parenthood’s VOX programs. I’m incredibly honored to be DJing along with one of my all-time musical heroes, Matt Mahaffey. Also on the bill is DJ Busta Window (better known to many locals as Kelly Kerr). The event is at Mai, which is right across the street from 12th & Porter. This event has FREE admission, but 5% of the bar sales go toward VOX, so either drink a lot, or just buy a few expensive drinks knowing that your intoxication is benefiting a good cause. Just don’t drive thereafter. The real DJ action won’t kick off till 10:30 or so, and I’m 2nd in the lineup so please get there by 10:30 at the latest. Resident DJ Coach will takeover after Matt’s set and keep the party hoppin’ till last call. Go ahead and plan to call in sick tomorrow, cuz this shit is worth stayin’ out late on a Thursday! Thanks to Nashville Cream for the plug yesterday. If you have any curiosities as to what my DJing is like, checkout the DJ Burgers SUMMERMIXXXX09 here.

In other music news:

Brooklyn Vegan continues to blow their load over JEFF the Brotherhood. Awesome!

Also Brooklyn-related: the Wall Street Journal is about 4-5 years behind the curve on reporting the skinny jean trend as “new,” which makes this all the more entertaining to watch. (Via dontstaylong)

Like I said, let me know if you like the idea of splitting up the posts.